Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to do for Fun?

Since getting here I always wondered what do Egyptians do for fun? I mean back home I love going to the beach, discovering a cave, go hiking, go to a new restaurant or simply get in my car with some friends and have a drive around the cost.

What Egyptians do is pretty simple they go the malls, go to the movies, they have amusement parks I have seen a few that looked cool I am hoping to go the one close to my house :) am a kid I know! They go to parks, and they do go and eat ice cream too.

Pretty much everyday stuff, I think no matter what part of the world your in humans pretty much do the same. We go out, we socialize we eat, we dance. Here in Cairo we have Salsa clubs too so is pretty interesting to see all the diversity and at the same time some similarities.

Since you all know I have a really bad Sweet tooth my habibi took me to two different ice cream places. Am sorry to say I don't know the names of the places and I will totally promise to give you pictures and location because the ice creams are to die for.

The first place he took me was to a guy who mixes ice cream with everything specifically fresh fruits. He has shakes and a large amount of different flavors and with looots of calories. We ordered some banana and mango with vanilla ice cream and some strawberry and banana with vanilla ice cream too and it was so delicious! So I totally recommended.

The other place is pretty unique they make the ice cream from scratch so is very creamy and tasty. They have a variety of flavors but my favorite one was hazelnut! OMG! Is sooo yummy! you have to try that is another level of ice cream. I have gone two times and I just can't order anything else LOL I tried my habibis coffee ice cream and it was good but hey believe me hazelnut is the one you want.

Seems I always end up talking about food I think my blog should be Eating in Cairo LOL anyways thanks for reading me and following me!! Yes I have followers!! Thank you again for your support. 

What to do for Fun?


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