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  1. Hi! I came across your blog while searching for information on what it is like to teach in Egypt. I was motivated to message you because I too am from Texas and had a very hard time moving back home from Spain last year. I am currently beginning my search for jobs abroad and recently received an email from an American School in Cairo. It sound interesting but this region of he world is so foreign to me. I would love some insider knowledge about the place, mainly about the nuances of living there as an expat. I am very active into acrobatic yoga, yoga and climbing and am looking for palace where I can continue to practice these things that I love. I would love to speak with you more if you ever have time!

  2. Hi! I am Nerissa, a Filipino living in Italy.
    We just started a website dedicated to the lives of all those living in a country other than the one where they were born. Thru we intend to increase connections, awareness, and understanding among people.
    We would like to ask you to contribute to the website by writing one single post with photos and/or videos about any region of the world. Your post will be linked to your personal websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter account, and/or anything else you like, in order to promote your own activity.
    If possible, we would also like you to write your story (bio - where you live and how you decided to live your life abroad) – example:
    To contribute, it is not necessary to live in a different country from where you were born, but simply to know a bit of the world by having lived, studied, or traveled abroad.
    Please, sign up to our website at and send all your files with things you would like to share (your story and/or your posts) by email to people(at)peopleabroad(dot)org. In case of big files, send them by WETRANSFER.
    Since this website is still under construction, we do not have yet made it available to search engines for indexation. So, to access it, just type
    We are just starting and that is why your help is essential. We would love to see you onboard!
    All the best,


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