Monday, November 10, 2014

New Beginnings?

I'm back! After giving a lot of thought to what to do now that I am back on the states and that my life has changed drastically in the last 4 months I finally decided what to do with this blog. Is been such a good experience and I love the fact that I can educate people on this amazing country and culture. I am not retiring from writing about Egypt so Caribbean Girl in Cairo is going to be here for a while! 

Platform will include more information about the country and the good places to visit. As well as some articles for expats and tourists. Egypt is constantly changing and a lot of places are opening too so I will keep you updated with the new things. Posts will be made twice a month so be sure to look for the new things coming! 

I am considering opening a new blog for the new life I have at the moment in El Paso so more information on that coming soon! I will tell you the cold already started and I have no winter clothes whatsoever. I need a shopping spree as soon as possible. Love the feel of the Christmas spirit after two years of not seeing or hearing anything related to the holiday. I'm excited to decorate and spend this season with my family! 

I hope you continue to read and follow me as you have been doing for the last two years. I have so many friends in Egypt is kind of nostalgic sometimes. If you are considering  traveling to Egypt at the moment be sure to pack a light jacket temperatures are dropping and is the perfect time to visit the Pyramids and the Valley of the Dead. 

You will see some changes on the blog for the new platform so I apologize if it takes too long! My new work is crazy hours but I will definitely not abandon my baby. Thank you so much for the support! 

New Beginnings?


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