Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crazy times!

This past months have been a roller coaster for me. There where a lot of holidays in Egypt and the heat has started! Also very important thing I am dealing with taxes situations back from home and that is just stressful enough. A few things that I will like to point out is that Egypt is making a great advancement and is changing to daylight hours starting tomorrow. The clock will be one hour ahead. So be aware that this is going to change. Also they are going to change it back during Ramadan... no idea why because is the same, but hey whatever rocks the Egyptian governments boat.

This month a lot of foreigners are leaving the country to go back home. Others are staying like me, and enjoying the different tourist sites. If you are going home remember to take an extra suitcase to buy what you can't find in Egypt!

My advice is please check the weather before going anywhere I do not recommend you to go to the Pyramids in a 40C weather! You are going to melt! For those looking for vacations check the best deals now is practically very low season in Egypt there is absolutely nothing going on.

The elections are coming so avoid coming during the last two weeks of May. Things may get dicey. Always carry water. This heat is something that we are not use to. Is dry and you feel like you are waling in an oven. Also if you get a taxi, before you get in ask if the AC is working. They are always wanting to save money or lazy to turned it on. For them is normal to sweat and be hot. Do not compromise on this, traffic is awful is some areas and what you think may be a short ride can end up being a long one.

I promise to write more often, I have been crazy busy and also catching up on series! Yes, I found a way to look at TV series from the US, UK and Canada. and are great sites for this. So no need to miss out on anything. If you are home and there is nothing to watch catch up on some of the most favorites TV shows online.

Here is a picture of one the mosques in Downtonw Cairo.

Thank you for reading and following me!

Crazy times!


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  1. Nice post! Egypt is one of my favorite countries. It is famous for its ancient culture and many more things. Last year I visited this country with my husband. We enjoyed our trip with the help of Ask Aladdin. I hope I got a second chance to visit this place again and again. Keep posting.

  2. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing..


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