Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facts! Part II

Yesterday I listed a few interesting facts about Egypt and as promised today I give you a list of what Egyptians have contributed to the world. Because let me tell you it surprised me that they had so many things. I needed to make a list for you guys.

Just between you and me I am getting addicted to this blog thing! Me and my pharaoh always joke about it! he threatens to write comments so you guys know things about me and I threaten to tell you guys what he does so I guess we are both happy your reading us :)

List that proves that Egyptians were  are smart

  1. Egyptians created glass and faience objects. In case you do not know what a faience object is (cause I didn't here is the meaning and if your interested just click to see the rest) is a non-clay based ceramic displaying surface vitrification which creates a bright lustre of various blue-green colours. Having not been made from clay it is often not classed as pottery.[1] It is called "Egyptian faience" to distinguish it from faience, the tin glazed pottery associated with Faenza in northern Italy.[2] Egyptian faience, both locally produced and exported from Egypt, occurred widely in the ancient world, and is well known from Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean and in northern Europe as far away as Scotland.[2][3] 
  2. Egyptians invited the 365 days calendar and the 24-hour division of the day.
  3. Egyptians invented the art of painting on plaster. Even cement was first use by them only. Thank you for inventing that!! 
  4. Egyptians were among the very first people to invent writing, along with ink and paper. I knew it! This is the secret to why I have been writing so much since I got here I guess I needed to start at the beginning right? LOL 
  5. For those wine lovers get this! The earliest wine cellars have been discovered in Egypt. 
  6. They invented the toilet seat! OMG! Only for this one I love Egypt LOL 
As surprising as the list is I am amazed at how much the ancient world of Egypt has contributed to us today. Well this just keeps getting interesting! I love history so am afraid your going to see some post like this oh well! anyways thank you for reading me until next post! 

Facts! Part II


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