Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facts! Part II

Yesterday I listed a few interesting facts about Egypt and as promised today I give you a list of what Egyptians have contributed to the world. Because let me tell you it surprised me that they had so many things. I needed to make a list for you guys.

Just between you and me I am getting addicted to this blog thing! Me and my pharaoh always joke about it! he threatens to write comments so you guys know things about me and I threaten to tell you guys what he does so I guess we are both happy your reading us :)

List that proves that Egyptians were  are smart

  1. Egyptians created glass and faience objects. In case you do not know what a faience object is (cause I didn't here is the meaning and if your interested just click to see the rest) is a non-clay based ceramic displaying surface vitrification which creates a bright lustre of various blue-green colours. Having not been made from clay it is often not classed as pottery.[1] It is called "Egyptian faience" to distinguish it from faience, the tin glazed pottery associated with Faenza in northern Italy.[2] Egyptian faience, both locally produced and exported from Egypt, occurred widely in the ancient world, and is well known from Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean and in northern Europe as far away as Scotland.[2][3] 
  2. Egyptians invited the 365 days calendar and the 24-hour division of the day.
  3. Egyptians invented the art of painting on plaster. Even cement was first use by them only. Thank you for inventing that!! 
  4. Egyptians were among the very first people to invent writing, along with ink and paper. I knew it! This is the secret to why I have been writing so much since I got here I guess I needed to start at the beginning right? LOL 
  5. For those wine lovers get this! The earliest wine cellars have been discovered in Egypt. 
  6. They invented the toilet seat! OMG! Only for this one I love Egypt LOL 
As surprising as the list is I am amazed at how much the ancient world of Egypt has contributed to us today. Well this just keeps getting interesting! I love history so am afraid your going to see some post like this oh well! anyways thank you for reading me until next post! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Interesting Facts! Part I

So I have been doing some research and reading about Egypt because well I actually know nothing about it apart from mummy's and pyramids oh and pharaohs. It's rather lacking wouldn't you say? Well I thought  so and decided to look for interesting facts and read a little about history and in my quest for information I found some interesting facts that I am going to share with you! Yeay!! Excited? I am :) This is part I because honestly there are a few. 

Ok so here a few with of course my comments once I read them. 

Egypt is the 34th largest country in the world, that means that the whole country is about the combined size of Texas and California. Well now that is freaking scary for me, knowing  I come from an island that is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide! If I got lost in Puerto Rico it was fine. I am scared to be lost in Egypt! especially when everything looks similar and I don't understand  the writing. I still am not used to reading from right to left. 

This one is hilarious! Those pharaohs were sneaky and smart. In order to keep flies away (by the way they are a LOT of Damn flies in Egypt) from landing on him Pepi II of Egypt (reigned c. 2278 BC – c. 2184 BC) (2284 BC - 2184 BC) was a pharaoh of the Sixth dynasty in Egypt's Old Kingdom) always kept naked slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey. I have to say I laugh when I read this LOL I am thinking who can I smeared on honey to keep the flies away LOL but of course I let the idea go.

Nobody knows who destroyed the nose of the Sphinx! OMG! How did that happen? I was shocked when I read that I mean that person must have been really proud of himself. He damaged the nose of the Sphinx I wondered if he kept that part with him I mean I would have done that. Hell I go thru with that I keep a souvenir!

I love the Mummy movies and of course every now and then I joke with my habibi and start saying Anak-Sunamun! LOL or Imhotep so when I read that Imhotep was an architect and the earliest scientist know by name that was surprising and exciting he is not only famous for the movie he was someone important 5,000 years ago too.

Now this is my last fact for today but I promise there are more and I will write about themNow this one is awesome fact. In ancient Egypt, women could participate in business ventures, own land, represent themselves in court and even become doctors. Ha! You see that women rule! LOL Egyptians were smart look at that! Before coming here many people told me that I needed to be careful about the way women were treated and to be honest and pardon my french that was such bullshit. Women in Egypt are not slaves nor the inferior sex.

Hope you have a wonderful day I am off to my in laws. Thank you for reading me!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to do for Fun?

Since getting here I always wondered what do Egyptians do for fun? I mean back home I love going to the beach, discovering a cave, go hiking, go to a new restaurant or simply get in my car with some friends and have a drive around the cost.

What Egyptians do is pretty simple they go the malls, go to the movies, they have amusement parks I have seen a few that looked cool I am hoping to go the one close to my house :) am a kid I know! They go to parks, and they do go and eat ice cream too.

Pretty much everyday stuff, I think no matter what part of the world your in humans pretty much do the same. We go out, we socialize we eat, we dance. Here in Cairo we have Salsa clubs too so is pretty interesting to see all the diversity and at the same time some similarities.

Since you all know I have a really bad Sweet tooth my habibi took me to two different ice cream places. Am sorry to say I don't know the names of the places and I will totally promise to give you pictures and location because the ice creams are to die for.

The first place he took me was to a guy who mixes ice cream with everything specifically fresh fruits. He has shakes and a large amount of different flavors and with looots of calories. We ordered some banana and mango with vanilla ice cream and some strawberry and banana with vanilla ice cream too and it was so delicious! So I totally recommended.

The other place is pretty unique they make the ice cream from scratch so is very creamy and tasty. They have a variety of flavors but my favorite one was hazelnut! OMG! Is sooo yummy! you have to try that is another level of ice cream. I have gone two times and I just can't order anything else LOL I tried my habibis coffee ice cream and it was good but hey believe me hazelnut is the one you want.

Seems I always end up talking about food I think my blog should be Eating in Cairo LOL anyways thanks for reading me and following me!! Yes I have followers!! Thank you again for your support. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diet anyone?

Since getting to Cairo I have been a bad girl! I have not been keeping my exercise and diet regimen and well like Usher says this is my confession! LOL Now today I was thinking about this and I said well this is not entirely my fault.

When I go to the grocery store I can barely read the nutrition facts and some products don't have it either. Then there is not much diet things here soooo on that account am not that responsible right? Ha! Ok, ok I am responsible but seriously Egyptians need to be a little more conscious on diet things for my sake LOL.

One positive thing is I have increase my fruit portion, you can buy the most juicy and sweetest fruits in Egypt but please always wash them. So that is something really positive, as well as my fresh veggies portion too. I am baking now more than ever, making donuts, cakes, cookies you name it am doing it. This is why I am being a bad girl I cannot keep doing this to myself. See this is good just confessing to you guys makes it all better and hey my habibi doesn't need to know right?

On the other hand I miss so many things! I would love to eat some Krispy Kreme donuts yumm!! and well to be honest I wish I could go to the grocery store and find all the things I had back home but that ain't gonna happen so I will dream about how big of a suitcase am going to take home when I go to visit just for my grocery shopping!!

My secret weapon was those 100 calorie desserts and snacks and now there hiding from me I cannot find them anywhere! So please people enjoy them for me because they work!

If your coming to Egypt no diet for you believe me there is so many yummy things I think you should just control your portions and do some exercise it always works I have not been behaving but am maintaining myself after losing 105 pounds I do not want to go back ever! Wow I lost a person! LOL

Well today is not been so informative on Cairo but hey thank you for reading me !!

Monday, March 26, 2012

What NOT to wear!

I love that show! Kind of missed it actually ... Anyways my post today is about what not to wear in Cairo. Specifically for women. As i said time and time on previous posts Egypt is a conservative society so if you want to have a good time and not be bother please listen up because this is important.  Otherwise Stacey and Clinton can be knocking on your door! LOL

No legs! Sorry to break it to you but shorts and mini skirts or short sundresses is not appropriate in Egypt. Can you wear it? Yes you can nobody is going to arrest you but you will feel really out of place and attract men unwanted attention. So if you want to Fit in just avoid short things is for your own good. 

No low and tight tops either. Is better to wear loose tops not so loose I mean you can be fashionable but don't wear the too tight tops or the tops that show your stomach or your back. In Egypt everyone dresses in a conservative manner. This doesn't mean that you have to compromise fashion! I mean I live here and I use to wear shorts all the time so is a big change for me. 

On the other hand I am learning how to be conservative and the art of layering clothes :) and honestly is too damn cold now to wear anything less. You can use jeans women here wear them too. So for your suitcase just rethink a little bit what your throwing in. If you have doubts about it hey write me I can help you out. You don't have to cover your hair using a veil so no worries about that. 

If your a girl traveling alone no worries Egypt is pretty safe but is always good to watch out am a paranoid person and I don't trust anyone. It can be the worlds safest place on the planet and I am still going to be serious and suspicious. So my advice to you girls is don't smile too much be polite but not too much and don't flirt you never know if he is a psycho or something right?

Well to finish this post I most say every country has their culture and we are going to visit we must do our best to respect them and follow them , if your on vacation is temporary and if your moving well you have to think if you can live with it. Egypt is beautiful and has some of the most historic sites in the world so don't let clothes get in the way of seeing the pharaohs. 

Thank you for reading me! If you read me everyday please sign up and follow me! 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Al - Azhar Park

Friday night was a beautiful surprise thanks to my habibi! He took me to Al-Azhar Park which is close to the Citadel and has some outstanding views. The park is family oriented and to be honest it can be very romantic as well. You can go to the kids play area which as always was really crowded, or go to one of the restaurants and cafes they have on site.

If you go on your own car you have to pay a small fee I don't remember how much anyways as you enter the park you must pay a fee for adults is 7 pounds is like a $1.50 so is pretty cheap. The park has some great sitting areas were you can sit and just enjoy the view. As always I take pictures of everything so here are some pictures of the tickets! LOL 

I have to tell you if you go at night you will find couples holding hands and even be scared by people sitting on the grass because sometimes they are parts that are a little dark and well I got scared so just a warning I don't want you to have a heart attack!

Here is a map of the park we try to use it but we just walked and it was really fun. Beside the Lake that they have there is path full of jasmines! It smelled so great  there is also a big fountain in the middle of the lake and well all over the park there a lot of fountains and gardens is really beautiful.

This is part of the grounds. 

This is part of the entrance and as everything in Egypt the architecture is simple beautiful. 

So if your looking for a place to take the kids and play around this is a great place to do it. Or if you simply want to have a little walk and just sit and look at people this is the place to go.  You also have great views of the city my camera was not so good capturing that but I believe I will go back to this park because i just loved it! 

Thank you for reading me! 

Friday, March 23, 2012


I believe that one of the most important challenges that we have in life is Family. We learn that this institution that's what my mom and everyone in my family calls it; is crucial and will help us in the development of our life. 
Maybe am getting a little deep here but hey bare with me is good point I am making. 

Family is not chosen, your mostly born to it; you have to learn to deal with every temperament available and every personality there is and even knowing the difference between you the same blood runs in your veins and with that comes love. I mean who doesn't have a crazy family member? A overprotective one? The funny character? 

The list can go on and on we even have the black sheep in the family. All in all we are still and will always be family. I have learned that no matter what happens your ability to interact and build relationships depends on your relation with your family. That being said I have to say that Egyptians have understood this concept fairly well. 

Egyptians are simple and mostly family oriented people. There is tradition and culture and in all that there is respect for family and lots of love for that institution. This is one of the things I love is the simplicity of just being with family. I wish my family were here with me I think we have been thru some horrible things and we have survived. 

I have learned what they truly mean to me and to be always thankful for each and everyone of them. Oh!I think am getting sentimental now but hey is Ok to be once in a while right?  Moving on, the good thing about being in different parts of the world is we can visit! and well believe me there is nothing better that having lots of places to go and be with family. 

Puerto Rican's and Egyptians have this in common we love and protect family. 

Thank you for reading me! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food! Desserts! Part III

I have a horrible sweet tooth so of course am going to talk about candies and desserts yeay!!! :) Egyptian candy's are made of coconut, peanuts, pistachio and honey. They are what can I say to die for! There are more ingredients but this are like the most they use.

 Basbousa (Sorry if it's badly written) is a little cake made of coconut with peanuts. Is spongy and tasty and for some people it can be very sweet I think it has some honey in it too. Here is a picture.

 There is also something called ...I really don't remember :( LOl but is a big cookie made of coconut! is crunchy and tasty is coconut toast with honey and well is amazingly delicious! Here is a picture of it, is not the whole thing because my habibi and me were kind of eating it until I said wait! Let me take a picture!

 Ok so here is a picture of a box of candies that we got for my in laws and of course they know I take pictures of everything so blessed their hearts they let me get away with it LOL even indulge me in it ha! there awesome so thanks to them here is a picture. Am going to try to describe some of them. There is a white cake with pistachios on the topping. Is really soft entirely made of coconut with pistachios. Is actually a great treat the sweetness of the coconut with the combination of pistachios makes it super good. There is a big rounded "cookie" they look like cookies so cookies they are, that is made of peanuts with caramel and it's crunchy and sooo good.

 They make what we call back home "besitos de coco" (coconut kisses) and they are yummy! they actually were my favorite back home. Is just a combination of coconut baked and is a little crunchy and smooth on the inside. There is another big cookie made of coconut flakes with peanut in it and is smooth and so tasty. 

Wow now am in the mood for some candies! Shame their none of those in the house, oh well until next post people.

 Thank you for reading me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day in Egypt. To be honest is kind of a hard day for me, it's been almost 3 years since I lost my mom and almost a year since my grandma passed too so there is only the memory of them and the hole that this important women left in my life. I know that in Puerto Rico is not Mother's Day today but since am not there anymore I decided to at least write about the most important person's in my life. In honor of them and of all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!

 Today I wish that I could just pick the phone and just say Hi mom! Happy mothers day! and Hi Grandma! Happy mothers day! but instead of that I prayed to God saying that I missed them and that I wish I had more time with them. There are things that are going to happen in my life that they are going to miss but I know they are in a better place. But I told God you know what I still miss them! and you know what? I am always going to miss them. If you recently lost someone the only thing I can tell you is that no matter what no one will take away the hole that person left, no one can substitute that person but with time is manageable is more easy to talk and to remember the good times.

 Since mami died I decided to live my life one day at a time to enjoy life, sometimes we think we have all the time in the world but believe me we don't. The thing about human nature is we see movies that emphasize about the importance of time in life and we think and say wow I need to spend more time with my family or I need to spend more time doing this. In the end they think but they don't make any change. They are so much people wasting so much time in mundane and unimportant things and is sad to say that there is no way of turning back.

What means something to you, what is important in your life should always have the best quality of your time. We all have obligations and we all have problems and situations but in the end none of those things are going with us. I just want to share with you that time is your to manage. You do with your time what is most important to you. So after all this deep stuff let's just say that Life is a Carnival enjoy it, embrace it and seriously have fun.

 Even my grandma and my mom until the very end and in all the sickness they laugh and loved. That's they key to life! I believe that if you can enjoy yourself in every circumstance your a fighter. I love my family, I love that even in the hardest times we laugh! yes we are a bunch of crazy people so what? LOL Is that ability and that sense of humor that is in our blood what makes all of us special. I still remember that after leaving the hospital after mom died we went to eat and seriously we were sad and shocked but we eat and we joked and then we cried some more.

 So try to see the world in a different mind, don't be negative all the time it kind of makes you ugly ( sorry someone had to tell you :) ) there is always someone in a worst situation and not even complaining about it, don't let anyone ruin your day and honestly laugh and live a little. Oh and I leave with you some tips of what I think you can give a mom, seriously am doing this because I know mom will be with me 100%!

 1. Take her shopping!!
 2. Day at the spa! If like me your a daughter make it a girls day out!
 3. Take her on a day trip with the grand kids and well everyone
 4. Cook for her, if your still living with her just do what she does for you everyday 5.
 Sometimes they just want to be with you so reserve a whole day with her, is just one day come on it can be that bad!

 These are a few so no excuses people enjoy your moms!

 Thank you for reading me !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Egypt Things to see List!

Before coming to Egypt I already knew I wanted to see the Pyramids of Giza I mean who wouldn't ? Egypt is known for them. But after getting here I want to see more than that so am going to share with you my you can say "bucket list" and well of course after I do each one of them I will write about them and post pictures.

So here they are ladies and gentlemen!:) 

Egypt's Things to see "Bucket" List!

  1. Pyramids of Giza 
  2. Egyptian Museum 
  3. Mount Sinai (this is the one we read on the Bible people!! Excited anyone?)  
  4. Temple Karnak
  5. Valley of the Queens and Kings   
  6. Ancient Temples (there a lot and being a greedy person I want to see all of them!) 
  7. Crazy Driving in the Dessert like an ATV or a Jeep 
  8. Visit Sharm El Sheik (Beach!) 
  9. St. Catherines Monastery 
  10. Red Sea 
  11. Citadel 
Well there a lot more than I thought! I think my personal tour guide is going to umm be a little surprised as to so many places ...Oh well! :)  Anyways I will be sure to take time and enjoy some of these and well tell you about it. 

Thank you for reading me and following me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tahrir Square

One of the most talk about places and the most controversial too in the past months is Tahrir Square. All protests and commotion that are occurring in Egypt start here.  Until this day there are still some demonstrations going around.

Tahrir is a lively place and is the epicenter of all revolution because the name means liberation so of course it seem appropriate to do the 2011 Revolution there. So when I went there last month it still was buzzing with activity well I was there last week too and still you see people reunited, people selling flags and bunch of other stuff, you see the signs in memory of those who died defending their country.

Is sad to see how much injustice the Egyptian have suffered just because they want a change for their country. Hell I have heard people die back home for stupid stuff but here violence is almost non-existent due to the upbringing and religion of the country which is something admirable. So my heart goes to all innocents who died defending their rights.

To be there is to be in history in the making. In this Egyptians are the same as Puertoricans we fight what for what we want even if it means making world news. If you come to Egypt be sure to pass by Tahrir Square I swear you can feel an energy to that place that you can only experience by being there.

Crossing the street to the square is the Museum of Egypt, at a walking distance is the Embassy of US and the American University in Cairo. Of course there a lot of other important government offices close by too but am not going to name then. Here are a few picture of the square and of course me in the square!! (There was no one harm while the pictures where taken LOL)

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


As any other girl I love going shopping but am kind of different because for me I need to be in the mood for it if not is no fun. Anyways I live close by a mall called Golf City Mall and is very practical and to my surprise has some great stores but then my habibi took me to this huge mall called CityStars and well let me tell you that is a huge mall! It has six floors and well a lot of stores :) so is like a girls dream. They sell everything! It took me two days to look at it with the proper attention of course I was not for long periods of time but I did enjoy myself.

So in this shopping experience I found out a few things that well are kind of funny and is worldwide!

  1. Guys looked bored out of their minds while shopping with their couples (duh!) 
  2. There were some disturbing people ( as always in malls)
  3. The Girls bathroom was so full you could not even look in the mirror
  4. Guys carrying their girls purse!
  5. Kids running around 
So as you see it's pretty much the same everywhere I guess. A few tips if you go shopping are know your sizes in European because let me tell you I went in a shoe store and I didn't even knew my shoe size! To say I was scandalized is putting it mildly, I adore shoes! So since I don't know the language instead of asking and by the way they know English on the mall but me being a little shy, yes I said it! am shy sometimes... I kept on walking and found a Payless Shoe Store!!! Everyone knows that they have the sizes in the aisles so I went in hoping and praying that they had the sizes in both European and American. 

They did!! So after that I had my shoe size and blessed peace descended on me to buy some shoes!! Some stores have the sizes in European and American but since shopping is good for us just a tip so you can spend more time buying :)

I will write about more shopping experiences later there a lot of shopping malls and of course the ones I like are buying in the market! I still have a visit pending to the textile market that believe me is an awesome place!

This pictures are borrowed since I didn't took pictures of my own.  But you can see what the mall is like. 

Thank you for reading me!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Simple Life

Most people must be wondering how is life in Egypt? Well to be perfectly honest is a simple life. People work six  days a week. The week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday so mostly Friday is everybody's day off. In some cases people are free Saturday too, depends on the work.

Like any busy country the traffic is horrendous! you can easily be the least an hour before getting to place a to place b. There a lot of Egyptians that use the train and of course the public transportation services so all in all is a very normal kind of life. To my surprise yes women put makeup while driving too :) 

Something that I like and that honestly I don't see much back in Puerto Rico due to the situation is how safe is to walk around in the neighborhood. I usually walk to the store and you can see the kids playing on the street, men sitting and talking on the parks even on a winter night. 

Egyptian is a country that is evolving and growing in the past years but at the same time has some really nice and warm people. I most insist if you want to travel to Egypt do it knowing a little bit of the language not so many people speak English and if they do is not so good either, just a piece of advice learn some words before going to Egypt. 

I speak from experience and I have been here for two months and I still don't know how to have a conversation but in my case I have someone with me that speaks great English and before you say it am working on it! I thought I was going to be speaking by now but not such luck so do not rub it in people. 

I wanted to post some pictures of a few residential buildings but my connection is slow but here they are anyways.  Well this is it for today am going to go and fix my crumbled attempt to make my habibi peanut butter cookies. 

 Thank you for reading me!! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Food! Part II

 On this post I would like to share with you some of the most important things about eating out in Egypt and how to avoid a trip or two to the bathroom that either are not necessary or can ruin your trip. First of all never order salad in street joints or fast food places! Yup you heard me try to stick with cooked food, Why? Well Egypt is a really dusty place and the fruits and vegetables are not clean. So don't feel all adventurous and buy fruit in a stand and eat it right off the bat because you will definitely be spending sometime praying to the porcelain god. This things leave it for locals OK am serious just a warning so if you try it is at your own risk.

 If you want to eat on carts that are on the street I recommend to not do this but if you insist be careful look first at what they are doing here they are not regulated by any sanitary means so heads up. If you ever go to any place just see from a distance before and look at what they do and well of course look if they are clean or not. This is an advice that to be honest you most learn so you apply it everywhere you go. I once was in Mexico with my best friend and I told her listen you cannot drink water not even bottled water. She was like what? I had with me a bottle water from the ship we were in so it was suppose to be enough for both of us. But hard headed as she is she didn't listen to me and well she drank water and the poor girl was in pretty bad shape. So listen to the advice of people that have been to where your going it will help you have a pleasant trip.

 For those with love of junk food and American food they are a few fast food chains. We have McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut. There is also Chili's and a lot more so its don't feel helpless if you end up having no taste for Egyptian food there are these American joints you can go to. Now the downfall is they may not be as tasty as back home and most of them have things you never seen. But in the end there good for eating.

 As always you can leave a comment that would make me ecstatic. Thank you for reading me!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food! Food and more food! Part I

Well one the things that had me excited was trying the Egyptian food. I am a sucker for food so I was definitely  looking to eat some local food and well try things I never had before. Egyptian food is spicy. One thing Egyptians love is beans. They eat them in every way imaginable and they are tasty and yummy. The most they use are fava beans, chick peas and lentils. I apologized if there are more this for me are the more common as far as I've seen.

One of the things I love is called Tameia (sorry is is badly written) is made of beans and is fried. This crunchy treat is so delicious it has become one of my favorite Egyptian things to eat. Is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside is not spicy and it has a unique flavor. Is usually served as breakfast but you can get it any time. You can either eat alone or in a sandwich. Here is a picture of it, because I believe am a "photographer" I take a lot of pictures so enjoy them!

Other thing I absolutely love is Sahlab. I am specially fond of this as I don't drink coffer or tea so this delicious creamy drink makes a good morning start or simply gets you warmer when you need it. To tell you the truth most of my great ideas come after having Sahlab so maybe it has other qualities too... Sahlab is made from the starch found in the ground bulb of the orchid (orchis mascula), figures my favorite flower and my favorite drink. You can buy this powder in Egypt and you simply mix it with milk and sugar until it thickens and yum is ready to drink. Here is a picture of the final product. 

Other famous Egyptian dish is the Koshari. This dish is made from lentils, chick peas, rice and pasta mixed in a spicy red sauce. This is my habibis favorite but unfortunately I do not like this one :( But i share it with you all the same because I tried it and well is a local favorite. Is all mixed up together with the sauce. Here is a picture for you. 

There are many things I haven't have the pleasure to try yet so that's why this is the Part I so I will be giving you more information on more food and specially desserts and let me tell you they are a lot of yummy desserts in Egypt. 

As always comments are welcome and if your interested I can get you a recipe too. Thank you for reading me!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Impressions Count

Everyone always say that First Impressions are important. So on that account what was my first impression of Egypt? Well to tell you I was terrified is putting it mildly. I had a horrible flight from Germany to Cairo thanks to a yogurt that I bought at the airport in Frankfurt; I was vomiting and well asleep on that flight so when I arrived I felt like crap, I was hungry and I was so nervous I did the line for entering the country without buying the Visa. So I had to do the line again.

Anyways going to the point I was excited to see what was beyond the doors after baggage claim. Of course after having a very emotive and romantic reunion with my habibi where I just hugged him and kissed him; it was time to see Egypt. First it was cold as hell, second it was night but wow the air seemed different. The people well to be honest most of them were men so that was creepy. But when we got to the street there it was the culture shock and the most amazing sights.

I am very fond of architecture and believe me every building was amazing to me! There were roads not made by sand but by concrete and am going to dissapoint some people no camels on the street! LOL sorry that was a little joke couldn't help myself. First culture shock: Traffic! Oh my God. I thought that back home people were crazy drivers let me tell you Puertoricans have nothing on Egyptians! Egyptians are crazy at the wheel. If there is one lane they make four and no this is not kidding. You can find this in any blog in any travel site that talks about Egypt but honestly you have to see to believe.

Also an unknown word for Egyptian is pedestrian. This is not a word here my first weeks and well to be honest I still struggle with this is crossing a street.To be completely honest, my habibi takes my hand so we can cross and I just go screaming and running beside him while he is just laughing at me so i guess we look pretty funny... Since driving is crazy and there are no rules to follow, imagine how hard it is to cross a street? You can seriously get hit by a car any given moment so please be careful when you cross the street my advice wait until there no cars or just pray that you get to the other side. 

Beyond that Cairo in my eyes was huge and with lots of people. On the bright side i discovered that the shopping malls close at midnight! Everything and I do mean everything you can have it deliver to your house including...drum roll please! McDonalds!!!   Yes you heard it, McDonalds delivers to your house. So this is an amazing perk to have here. Of course I don't know how fast the service is I guess I will have to try it and let you know how that goes.

People are friendly but beware they are a little noisy too, frankly it reminded me of home. What puertorican doesn't listen to conversations or always try to find out what doesn't concern them?  The streets are very lively you can find people walking anytime, anywhere and people waiting on the side of the road for public transportation so do not freak out is normal. 

You can also see lots of people selling fruits, vegetables or whatever they can get their hands on. So after seeing that I felt like I had lots of things to discover about Cairo. One thing you should know is that is pretty dusty and sandy in Egypt. Everyone's shoes look dirty (if they don't clean them most people don't) and it would be great if you have hand sanitizer with you or some wipes because they are definitely going to come in handy. 

So all in all Egypt made a good impression on me sure a little crazy but beautiful all the same. I look forward to discovering one of the worlds richest places in history because to be honest the monuments here are like from a book story. 

If you have any questions about life in Egypt or are curious about something ask away people I will be sure to share some light with you. 

First Post!

First of all Welcome to my Blog! After doing  a lot of thinking I decided to give blogging a try so bare with me on this, is my first time. I am recently a new resident in Cairo to be more specific since January 12, 2012 I moved to Cairo. For those wondering no am not single I have a very handsome and attractive Egyptian habibi who I love with all my heart. 

I will be posting about my adventures in Cairo, believe me they are a lot and about how I am adapting to this new lifestyle. After living in Puerto Rico, (for those who don't know, Puerto Rico is the most beautiful island on the Caribbean so if you have a chance go on vacation you wont regret it) a really small island I made my big move and after 18+ hours of flying I made it to Egypt on a cold winter night. 

Everything has been different that what I expected and not in a bad way. So you will be reading about food, places, lifestyle and people of Cairo from my perspective with a little bit of humor. What is life without humor in it? 

Feel free to write to me or comment on my posts I would totally get excited and happy about it. 

I leave this first post with a picture of the always busy downtown Cairo.

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