Sunday, March 25, 2012

Al - Azhar Park

Friday night was a beautiful surprise thanks to my habibi! He took me to Al-Azhar Park which is close to the Citadel and has some outstanding views. The park is family oriented and to be honest it can be very romantic as well. You can go to the kids play area which as always was really crowded, or go to one of the restaurants and cafes they have on site.

If you go on your own car you have to pay a small fee I don't remember how much anyways as you enter the park you must pay a fee for adults is 7 pounds is like a $1.50 so is pretty cheap. The park has some great sitting areas were you can sit and just enjoy the view. As always I take pictures of everything so here are some pictures of the tickets! LOL 

I have to tell you if you go at night you will find couples holding hands and even be scared by people sitting on the grass because sometimes they are parts that are a little dark and well I got scared so just a warning I don't want you to have a heart attack!

Here is a map of the park we try to use it but we just walked and it was really fun. Beside the Lake that they have there is path full of jasmines! It smelled so great  there is also a big fountain in the middle of the lake and well all over the park there a lot of fountains and gardens is really beautiful.

This is part of the grounds. 

This is part of the entrance and as everything in Egypt the architecture is simple beautiful. 

So if your looking for a place to take the kids and play around this is a great place to do it. Or if you simply want to have a little walk and just sit and look at people this is the place to go.  You also have great views of the city my camera was not so good capturing that but I believe I will go back to this park because i just loved it! 

Thank you for reading me! 

Al - Azhar Park


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