Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food! Desserts! Part III

I have a horrible sweet tooth so of course am going to talk about candies and desserts yeay!!! :) Egyptian candy's are made of coconut, peanuts, pistachio and honey. They are what can I say to die for! There are more ingredients but this are like the most they use.

 Basbousa (Sorry if it's badly written) is a little cake made of coconut with peanuts. Is spongy and tasty and for some people it can be very sweet I think it has some honey in it too. Here is a picture.

 There is also something called ...I really don't remember :( LOl but is a big cookie made of coconut! is crunchy and tasty is coconut toast with honey and well is amazingly delicious! Here is a picture of it, is not the whole thing because my habibi and me were kind of eating it until I said wait! Let me take a picture!

 Ok so here is a picture of a box of candies that we got for my in laws and of course they know I take pictures of everything so blessed their hearts they let me get away with it LOL even indulge me in it ha! there awesome so thanks to them here is a picture. Am going to try to describe some of them. There is a white cake with pistachios on the topping. Is really soft entirely made of coconut with pistachios. Is actually a great treat the sweetness of the coconut with the combination of pistachios makes it super good. There is a big rounded "cookie" they look like cookies so cookies they are, that is made of peanuts with caramel and it's crunchy and sooo good.

 They make what we call back home "besitos de coco" (coconut kisses) and they are yummy! they actually were my favorite back home. Is just a combination of coconut baked and is a little crunchy and smooth on the inside. There is another big cookie made of coconut flakes with peanut in it and is smooth and so tasty. 

Wow now am in the mood for some candies! Shame their none of those in the house, oh well until next post people.

 Thank you for reading me!

Food! Desserts! Part III


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  1. Hola Zareth! Soy de Puerto Rico y una "expat" en Montreal,Canada. Vivo aqui con mi esposo. Me encanta tu blog. Muy refrescante e interesante. Cuidate mucho y Dios Te Bendiga!

    Dally Lowry

    1. Hola Dally! Los boricuas estamos en todas!! Gracias por leerme y por tu comentario me emociona saber que hay gente que lee mi blog ademas de mi familia jajajaj un saludo y muchas bendiciones para ti y tu esposo en Canada!

  2. hiii,iam sameh iam from egypt but living in greece :)how your life in egypt did you engoy there?!!

  3. Hi Sameh thank you for reading me. Yes am enjoying it very much.


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