Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Egypt Things to see List!

Before coming to Egypt I already knew I wanted to see the Pyramids of Giza I mean who wouldn't ? Egypt is known for them. But after getting here I want to see more than that so am going to share with you my you can say "bucket list" and well of course after I do each one of them I will write about them and post pictures.

So here they are ladies and gentlemen!:) 

Egypt's Things to see "Bucket" List!

  1. Pyramids of Giza 
  2. Egyptian Museum 
  3. Mount Sinai (this is the one we read on the Bible people!! Excited anyone?)  
  4. Temple Karnak
  5. Valley of the Queens and Kings   
  6. Ancient Temples (there a lot and being a greedy person I want to see all of them!) 
  7. Crazy Driving in the Dessert like an ATV or a Jeep 
  8. Visit Sharm El Sheik (Beach!) 
  9. St. Catherines Monastery 
  10. Red Sea 
  11. Citadel 
Well there a lot more than I thought! I think my personal tour guide is going to umm be a little surprised as to so many places ...Oh well! :)  Anyways I will be sure to take time and enjoy some of these and well tell you about it. 

Thank you for reading me and following me!

Egypt Things to see List!


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