Friday, March 23, 2012


I believe that one of the most important challenges that we have in life is Family. We learn that this institution that's what my mom and everyone in my family calls it; is crucial and will help us in the development of our life. 
Maybe am getting a little deep here but hey bare with me is good point I am making. 

Family is not chosen, your mostly born to it; you have to learn to deal with every temperament available and every personality there is and even knowing the difference between you the same blood runs in your veins and with that comes love. I mean who doesn't have a crazy family member? A overprotective one? The funny character? 

The list can go on and on we even have the black sheep in the family. All in all we are still and will always be family. I have learned that no matter what happens your ability to interact and build relationships depends on your relation with your family. That being said I have to say that Egyptians have understood this concept fairly well. 

Egyptians are simple and mostly family oriented people. There is tradition and culture and in all that there is respect for family and lots of love for that institution. This is one of the things I love is the simplicity of just being with family. I wish my family were here with me I think we have been thru some horrible things and we have survived. 

I have learned what they truly mean to me and to be always thankful for each and everyone of them. Oh!I think am getting sentimental now but hey is Ok to be once in a while right?  Moving on, the good thing about being in different parts of the world is we can visit! and well believe me there is nothing better that having lots of places to go and be with family. 

Puerto Rican's and Egyptians have this in common we love and protect family. 

Thank you for reading me! 



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