Saturday, March 17, 2012

Simple Life

Most people must be wondering how is life in Egypt? Well to be perfectly honest is a simple life. People work six  days a week. The week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday so mostly Friday is everybody's day off. In some cases people are free Saturday too, depends on the work.

Like any busy country the traffic is horrendous! you can easily be the least an hour before getting to place a to place b. There a lot of Egyptians that use the train and of course the public transportation services so all in all is a very normal kind of life. To my surprise yes women put makeup while driving too :) 

Something that I like and that honestly I don't see much back in Puerto Rico due to the situation is how safe is to walk around in the neighborhood. I usually walk to the store and you can see the kids playing on the street, men sitting and talking on the parks even on a winter night. 

Egyptian is a country that is evolving and growing in the past years but at the same time has some really nice and warm people. I most insist if you want to travel to Egypt do it knowing a little bit of the language not so many people speak English and if they do is not so good either, just a piece of advice learn some words before going to Egypt. 

I speak from experience and I have been here for two months and I still don't know how to have a conversation but in my case I have someone with me that speaks great English and before you say it am working on it! I thought I was going to be speaking by now but not such luck so do not rub it in people. 

I wanted to post some pictures of a few residential buildings but my connection is slow but here they are anyways.  Well this is it for today am going to go and fix my crumbled attempt to make my habibi peanut butter cookies. 

 Thank you for reading me!! 

Simple Life


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