Friday, March 30, 2012

Interesting Facts! Part I

So I have been doing some research and reading about Egypt because well I actually know nothing about it apart from mummy's and pyramids oh and pharaohs. It's rather lacking wouldn't you say? Well I thought  so and decided to look for interesting facts and read a little about history and in my quest for information I found some interesting facts that I am going to share with you! Yeay!! Excited? I am :) This is part I because honestly there are a few. 

Ok so here a few with of course my comments once I read them. 

Egypt is the 34th largest country in the world, that means that the whole country is about the combined size of Texas and California. Well now that is freaking scary for me, knowing  I come from an island that is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide! If I got lost in Puerto Rico it was fine. I am scared to be lost in Egypt! especially when everything looks similar and I don't understand  the writing. I still am not used to reading from right to left. 

This one is hilarious! Those pharaohs were sneaky and smart. In order to keep flies away (by the way they are a LOT of Damn flies in Egypt) from landing on him Pepi II of Egypt (reigned c. 2278 BC – c. 2184 BC) (2284 BC - 2184 BC) was a pharaoh of the Sixth dynasty in Egypt's Old Kingdom) always kept naked slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey. I have to say I laugh when I read this LOL I am thinking who can I smeared on honey to keep the flies away LOL but of course I let the idea go.

Nobody knows who destroyed the nose of the Sphinx! OMG! How did that happen? I was shocked when I read that I mean that person must have been really proud of himself. He damaged the nose of the Sphinx I wondered if he kept that part with him I mean I would have done that. Hell I go thru with that I keep a souvenir!

I love the Mummy movies and of course every now and then I joke with my habibi and start saying Anak-Sunamun! LOL or Imhotep so when I read that Imhotep was an architect and the earliest scientist know by name that was surprising and exciting he is not only famous for the movie he was someone important 5,000 years ago too.

Now this is my last fact for today but I promise there are more and I will write about themNow this one is awesome fact. In ancient Egypt, women could participate in business ventures, own land, represent themselves in court and even become doctors. Ha! You see that women rule! LOL Egyptians were smart look at that! Before coming here many people told me that I needed to be careful about the way women were treated and to be honest and pardon my french that was such bullshit. Women in Egypt are not slaves nor the inferior sex.

Hope you have a wonderful day I am off to my in laws. Thank you for reading me!!

Interesting Facts! Part I


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