Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Post!

First of all Welcome to my Blog! After doing  a lot of thinking I decided to give blogging a try so bare with me on this, is my first time. I am recently a new resident in Cairo to be more specific since January 12, 2012 I moved to Cairo. For those wondering no am not single I have a very handsome and attractive Egyptian habibi who I love with all my heart. 

I will be posting about my adventures in Cairo, believe me they are a lot and about how I am adapting to this new lifestyle. After living in Puerto Rico, (for those who don't know, Puerto Rico is the most beautiful island on the Caribbean so if you have a chance go on vacation you wont regret it) a really small island I made my big move and after 18+ hours of flying I made it to Egypt on a cold winter night. 

Everything has been different that what I expected and not in a bad way. So you will be reading about food, places, lifestyle and people of Cairo from my perspective with a little bit of humor. What is life without humor in it? 

Feel free to write to me or comment on my posts I would totally get excited and happy about it. 

I leave this first post with a picture of the always busy downtown Cairo.

First Post!


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  1. Hola Zareth te hablo desde carolina PR .Mi hija Vivian Galan y tu estudiaron en la misma escuela y me alegra que estes en egipto y que hayas decidido compartir tus experiencias con nosotros al igual que Ivan Santana Dios te bendiga . Estare atenta a tus comentarios .att Zunilda

  2. Hola Zunilda! Muchas gracias por leer mi blog! Si me acuerdo de Vivian hace tiempoo que no se de ella asi que saludos. Gracias nuevamente eres mi primer comment ehhhh!! :)

  3. Congrats!

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