Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been a while since I wrote on the blog and I sincerely apologize for the delay is been very hectic for me but I decided that after all that is happening now in Egypt I deserve to give space to something that is very important to all Egyptian people and that is the result of the elections.

Since the revolution Egyptian people want to be free from the military government and for the first time the people had a right to choose their president. There is a lot of speculation about the parties that are competing against each other and what good will it do if one of them wins.

I to be honest believe there is been a lot of manipulation on this process because if the people ask for new leaders that had nothing to do with the Mubarak regimen then I do not understand how can we have a contender in the elections that worked for Mubarak and that is clearly in the same set of mind as the individual people want to see dead.

On the other hand you have the Muslim Brotherhood who are saying that they are in every intention doing God's will and to be honest I just don't trust people who mix politics and religion because they are not the same. Today we are minutes to finding out who of these two candidates will be the new president and to be honest I just hope that none of them wins!

Egypt deserves to be free to enjoy democracy and to be able to live without the fear of being oppressed by the military. I sincerely hope that God has mercy on the Egyptian people and whatever happens today is for the good of this beautiful country.

I am usually an apolitical person but since all Egypt is in tension and waiting for what is going to happen I think I can reserve a post for this matter and don't be surprised if the people are not happy with the results they will definitely  protest again. And why not? They have the right to protest. Egyptian people discover something since the revolution and that is that united they have the power to change the situation.

Its sad all the people that lost their life because of this but they are remembered and well people are still fighting for freedom and I support them all the way. Now for those of you who think that because the people are doing demonstrations and protesting is not safe to come and visit, your wrong.

Not because a country is in a phase of transition its a bad place. Now places who are not suitable for traveling is Syria! If you have a heart pray for Syrian people they really are in a bad situation.

I think is safe to say that is the end of this post. Until next time, I have a lot of funny experiences I need to share with you and of course one of the most important holidays is coming Ramadan and believe me I am hearing great things about it.

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