Wednesday, October 31, 2012

El Dahan Restaurant! Food!

It has been very hectic this past few weeks so I apologize for the delay in writing. There has been an increase in my page views and I am very happy!! The other day I had the most amazing experience with my habibi of course and some friends. We went to eat to this amazing restaurant that specializes in oriental food which means traditional Egyptian food.

The place is located in Heliopolis # 70 El Marghany Street next to Abou Ghali automotive. This place is beautiful, classy and the most amazing atmosphere you can imagine. The parking is a little impossible but the food is so worth it!

We order meat (kofta) some almond rice my favorite macarrona bechamel and of course some sandwiches that are made with Syrian bread and rolled together.  I found this great video of the restaurant so you have an idea of how the place is.

This place date backs to the  1890 and it was given a certificate by the king of Egypt during that time for the excellent service and food. So by going to this place you receive very good food and a little bit of history. I hope that you put this on your list of places to visit while in Egypt because is definitely a must!

Here are the pictures and video, hope you enjoy it!

Since the food was delicious and I have a terrible sweet tooth we went to eat Cinnabon!! The place is closed by and believe me that tasted so good!! I took pictures of the chocolate and caramel ones they are to die for! 

Wow just looking at the pictures makes me want to eat them again!! Thank you for reading and following me! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6th of October War!

Well so this past Wednesday I went on a trip with my students and to my surprise we went to a place call The Panorama 6th of October. This place shows the battle between the Israelis and Egyptians over Mount Sinai. Is very nice but to be honest the only good thing about it is the last exhibition is a round room and you go all the way around to see the great art work and 3D effect they got going on there.

So my opinion you can skip this one in Egypt... Is 30 pounds for foreigners and to be honest unless you really want to see just some art I recommend you skip it. If you want to go with your kids is a good one. I took the liberty of taking some pictures and well they turned out great.

The artwork was amazing I swear that the painting and the stage was one! So my congratulations to a very amazing and well done job! I was more excited than the kids in the trip! LOL but I am very grateful that the other teachers were kind enough to translate for me! Nothing was in English that day!! Oh well I leave you here with some really interesting pictures hope you enjoy them!!

Thank you for reading and following me!! 

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