Monday, March 19, 2012

Tahrir Square

One of the most talk about places and the most controversial too in the past months is Tahrir Square. All protests and commotion that are occurring in Egypt start here.  Until this day there are still some demonstrations going around.

Tahrir is a lively place and is the epicenter of all revolution because the name means liberation so of course it seem appropriate to do the 2011 Revolution there. So when I went there last month it still was buzzing with activity well I was there last week too and still you see people reunited, people selling flags and bunch of other stuff, you see the signs in memory of those who died defending their country.

Is sad to see how much injustice the Egyptian have suffered just because they want a change for their country. Hell I have heard people die back home for stupid stuff but here violence is almost non-existent due to the upbringing and religion of the country which is something admirable. So my heart goes to all innocents who died defending their rights.

To be there is to be in history in the making. In this Egyptians are the same as Puertoricans we fight what for what we want even if it means making world news. If you come to Egypt be sure to pass by Tahrir Square I swear you can feel an energy to that place that you can only experience by being there.

Crossing the street to the square is the Museum of Egypt, at a walking distance is the Embassy of US and the American University in Cairo. Of course there a lot of other important government offices close by too but am not going to name then. Here are a few picture of the square and of course me in the square!! (There was no one harm while the pictures where taken LOL)

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Tahrir Square


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