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Very details and facts account on Egypt

I was asked by the website that interviewed me if I could write a post of what was going on in the country and my perspective. I wrote an article that I am not sure if it would be published. I really hope so! Anyways I am posting the whole thing here with picture and all. PLEASE PICTURES ARE EXPLICIT. So be careful.

I know this is not something you usually read here but I am just telling the truth. Everything I wrote can be corroborated in the internet.  Enjoy!

Egypt’s Media War in the perspective of an Expat

Wednesday morning was like any other, I woke up to make breakfast for my husband while he got ready for work. At seven in the morning his work phone interrupted the routine. A call from a friend changed the day completely. From that point on we rushed to the television to see the police making The Muslim Brotherhood abandoned the premises were they were in.
As I looked I knew this was coming. Ever since the Ex-President was thrown out, his followers have been protesting on different parts of Egypt. This has caused a lot of anger, the fact that this people have been saying we are peacefully protesting while of course being armed with weapons and attacking the police, army and the people.  
I guess we have been hearing different things from different points of view.  I will explain what is happening and let this be my opinion and what I am seeing with my own eyes not the manipulation of the news.
A lot of you are wondering what is happening?  Is Egypt really going crazy? Civil War? Well what if I told you that things are definitely not good and to top it all off we have a Media War.  Personally I do not like politics but unfortunately we live in a world full of it. So after the Ex-President Morsy was thrown out there were a few things the western media and CNN forgot to mention. Let’s get a little history here to understand the outrage of the Egyptian people and me of course, on this political party.
The Muslim Brotherhood has been looking for power for more than 80 years. You know how we heard stories about the Illuminati and all that? Well let me tell you that the Brotherhood is an entity that is looking for power ruled by extremist.  They are a bad example for Muslims and there goal has been power. Their organization is composed by followers who are in very good financial situations here by contributing the political party. I know by now you are surprised but sometimes people amaze me. We have a great tool known as the Internet and unfortunately the only way we use it, is for fun.
All of what I’m saying is history and this people have been planning things and hurting people in a very violent way since the foundation of the party in 1928.  A few things you probably do not know. The army had compelling evidence and they have released a few videos on the local media here in Egypt of the Ex-President Morsy in acts of treason. He was not removed only because the people didn’t like him. He was removed because he betrayed his own country and on top of that he was claiming to be more religious than anybody by writing a constitution that violated the principles of Islam and the principles of Democracy.
The Muslim Brotherhood has said that they will not mind losing their lives for defending Morsy.  The members of this party have been previously arrested including the now Ex-president.  The Egyptian people call them terrorist. Before ending the regime of Mubarak Egyptians were armed with Media. They went to the streets but also they equipped themselves with their cellphones and twitted and posted on Facebook letting the world know what was happening. Since then everything that happens in Egypt is being documented in the same way.
Hence the overload of media madness! You have Muslim Brotherhood supporters calling for protesters and saying lies, that thousands of people were killed while the Minister of Defense says that only 630 people were killed.  Be careful what news you watch because Aljazeera is all about the Brotherhood. Since this started they have posted pictures of dead people that are not dead, they have posted videos of little boys dying that are not from Egypt, there from Syria! All to make themselves look as victims. Ask yourself this. The Egyptian people in the revolution went to protest and in the pictures did you saw people armed with weapons? After many were murdered did you see people burning buildings to retaliate against the Army for the murders? The answer is no. Every time the people gather to protest they do it peacefully. I am a witness. I was there.

Now every time the Brotherhood protest they fight everyone who is not with them.  They want Morsy back to power and they will do anything to achieve it. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz announced on Friday that the kingdom supports Egypt in its fight “against terrorism.”  Meaning they do not support the MB.  All this is like out of a movie but its real and I live it every day. There is a trend in Twitter #ObamaSupportsTerrorism. Wonder what that is about? Well I am sad to say that as part of the investigation of the Military they found documents in which the Obama administration provided The Muslim Brotherhood with 8 billion dollars. Also it’s known that the Muslim Brotherhood is in bed with Al-Qaeda. The facts are all there for you to see. What amazes me is that this morning Mohamed Al-Zawahiri the brother of the Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri was arrested here in Egypt and they have evidence that he was supporting Morsy. I don't know about you but this are very nasty implications. 

For my safety I only say that I want these people out of the streets. Egypt has gone through a lot of things and the Egyptians deserve peace. Is not safe to do anything right now. I am safe for now and I plan to keep it that way. As long as we stay in our homes and be careful we should be fine. But really people are getting angry with the bloodshed and the confrontation. Enough is enough. This has affected everything in our lives nobody is working and everybody is watching over their shoulder.  Yesterday they burned a blood bank with people inside while they were outside the building preventing the fire department to do their job.  The police station in the city I’m living was set on fire. I hope that the Army and the Police eliminate the threat to the Egyptian people caused by the Muslim Brotherhood who say that “Those who are not with us are against us”.
My opinion is not influenced by anyone. When you are living somewhere is easy to see with your own eyes what is going on. Especially if you have to be vigilant and careful for your life. I know a few expats that are still in the country many of them left before the June 30 confrontation, even not speaking the language and not being a local we see that the brotherhood is not friendly. I never thought I would find myself in the middle of something like this but neither the Egyptians.

Here are some pictures of the Brotherhood and the damage they are inflicting in the country. Pray for Egypt and for the end of this harassment to the Egyptians by this fanatics. Here is a post by another expat living in Egypt and her opinion of what is happening. Be sure to follow her on Facebook her information is good and she translates everything which is a plus!  

This is one of the cars that was attacked by the mob of MBs at San Stefano on Aug 15th

St. George Church, Sohag, Egypt. Totally burnt, Aug. 14, 2013

Mohnad El-Mahdey — at cairo aug 15. CNN International and all world-wide news media, do these look like peaceful MB protest...

This guy posing for the Muslim Brotherhood victims supposedly died 5 times in 5 different places in 5 different positions. 

This is the scene at the blood bank. 

Very details and facts account on Egypt


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  1. Hello :)

    Thanks for this post. I hope that you are ok and you are safe. It’s make me really sad what it has happened in Egypt. I pray for you. Take care!

    Have a good day and greetings from Poland

  2. Hey Ali!

    I am safe and thank you! Things are way better and now my prayers are with Syria.
    Good day to you in Poland!

  3. Wow, these images are terrifying. I am not so sure I could be as brave as you. Much strength to you.

    1. Thank you so much! I don't consider myself so brave! But thank you for the good wishes!!


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