Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Impressions Count

Everyone always say that First Impressions are important. So on that account what was my first impression of Egypt? Well to tell you I was terrified is putting it mildly. I had a horrible flight from Germany to Cairo thanks to a yogurt that I bought at the airport in Frankfurt; I was vomiting and well asleep on that flight so when I arrived I felt like crap, I was hungry and I was so nervous I did the line for entering the country without buying the Visa. So I had to do the line again.

Anyways going to the point I was excited to see what was beyond the doors after baggage claim. Of course after having a very emotive and romantic reunion with my habibi where I just hugged him and kissed him; it was time to see Egypt. First it was cold as hell, second it was night but wow the air seemed different. The people well to be honest most of them were men so that was creepy. But when we got to the street there it was the culture shock and the most amazing sights.

I am very fond of architecture and believe me every building was amazing to me! There were roads not made by sand but by concrete and am going to dissapoint some people no camels on the street! LOL sorry that was a little joke couldn't help myself. First culture shock: Traffic! Oh my God. I thought that back home people were crazy drivers let me tell you Puertoricans have nothing on Egyptians! Egyptians are crazy at the wheel. If there is one lane they make four and no this is not kidding. You can find this in any blog in any travel site that talks about Egypt but honestly you have to see to believe.

Also an unknown word for Egyptian is pedestrian. This is not a word here my first weeks and well to be honest I still struggle with this is crossing a street.To be completely honest, my habibi takes my hand so we can cross and I just go screaming and running beside him while he is just laughing at me so i guess we look pretty funny... Since driving is crazy and there are no rules to follow, imagine how hard it is to cross a street? You can seriously get hit by a car any given moment so please be careful when you cross the street my advice wait until there no cars or just pray that you get to the other side. 

Beyond that Cairo in my eyes was huge and with lots of people. On the bright side i discovered that the shopping malls close at midnight! Everything and I do mean everything you can have it deliver to your house including...drum roll please! McDonalds!!!   Yes you heard it, McDonalds delivers to your house. So this is an amazing perk to have here. Of course I don't know how fast the service is I guess I will have to try it and let you know how that goes.

People are friendly but beware they are a little noisy too, frankly it reminded me of home. What puertorican doesn't listen to conversations or always try to find out what doesn't concern them?  The streets are very lively you can find people walking anytime, anywhere and people waiting on the side of the road for public transportation so do not freak out is normal. 

You can also see lots of people selling fruits, vegetables or whatever they can get their hands on. So after seeing that I felt like I had lots of things to discover about Cairo. One thing you should know is that is pretty dusty and sandy in Egypt. Everyone's shoes look dirty (if they don't clean them most people don't) and it would be great if you have hand sanitizer with you or some wipes because they are definitely going to come in handy. 

So all in all Egypt made a good impression on me sure a little crazy but beautiful all the same. I look forward to discovering one of the worlds richest places in history because to be honest the monuments here are like from a book story. 

If you have any questions about life in Egypt or are curious about something ask away people I will be sure to share some light with you. 

First Impressions Count


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