Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diet anyone?

Since getting to Cairo I have been a bad girl! I have not been keeping my exercise and diet regimen and well like Usher says this is my confession! LOL Now today I was thinking about this and I said well this is not entirely my fault.

When I go to the grocery store I can barely read the nutrition facts and some products don't have it either. Then there is not much diet things here soooo on that account am not that responsible right? Ha! Ok, ok I am responsible but seriously Egyptians need to be a little more conscious on diet things for my sake LOL.

One positive thing is I have increase my fruit portion, you can buy the most juicy and sweetest fruits in Egypt but please always wash them. So that is something really positive, as well as my fresh veggies portion too. I am baking now more than ever, making donuts, cakes, cookies you name it am doing it. This is why I am being a bad girl I cannot keep doing this to myself. See this is good just confessing to you guys makes it all better and hey my habibi doesn't need to know right?

On the other hand I miss so many things! I would love to eat some Krispy Kreme donuts yumm!! and well to be honest I wish I could go to the grocery store and find all the things I had back home but that ain't gonna happen so I will dream about how big of a suitcase am going to take home when I go to visit just for my grocery shopping!!

My secret weapon was those 100 calorie desserts and snacks and now there hiding from me I cannot find them anywhere! So please people enjoy them for me because they work!

If your coming to Egypt no diet for you believe me there is so many yummy things I think you should just control your portions and do some exercise it always works I have not been behaving but am maintaining myself after losing 105 pounds I do not want to go back ever! Wow I lost a person! LOL

Well today is not been so informative on Cairo but hey thank you for reading me !!

Diet anyone?


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