Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie Time!!

Last night was my first time in a few months since I have been to the Movies and to be honest I got the experience of a lifetime. We enjoyed our time in City Stars Mall in Heliopolis and well after grabbing a bite to eat we went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D. The movie was ok but I expected more like Forrest Gump that's all I have to say about that! LOL

For those wondering the movie is in English with Arabic and French subtitles so if you want to see a movie while in Cairo I suggest you do it. To be perfectly honest I totally recommend this Cinema it was awesome. When you pay for your ticket,  this right here made this whole experience the best in my life, so listen up everybody!!! YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN SEATS!!!! HOORAY!!! OMG!  Seriously that is awesome! 

I just love Egypt for this alone!!! Back home you make one hour lines to take a good seat! and if you didn't get on time you were definitely up for seeing the movie in 3D even if the movie is not on 3D because your ass is on the front road seats. If you want to get up to buy something you have to be with someone to watch your seat because otherwise your going to lose it. So when my habibi choose seats I was like Did you just choose our seats?
He just looked at me like yes babe I did, Why? I just smiled and said WOW! By the way he choose the best seats ever!! That's why I love him!!

Anyways you have your own seats so if you are alone you can get up and believe me no one will take your seat. Another great thing they take a five minute break in the movie so you can go to the bathroom or if you want to buy something you have the time to do it. How cool is that? You get your break and continue with the movie were you left it! Now i don't know about you people but when I go to see a movie I love comfort am a tall girl and well my habibi is taller so I was actually looking forward to see the space between the seats.

Boy I was not disappointed those seats were comfy and the space was great I seriously love the movies here more than home! So if you like to experience this wonderful new way of movie experience come to Cairo you will like it! LOL I sure did and am hoping to go more often!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off Road!

I can definitely cross on my list going scrambling on the sand, this past week I had the experience of my life. I thought that in Puerto Rico we created lanes where they were none and we were perfect doing this but boy was I wrong. Egyptians have created another level they don't create new lanes they create new roads!

When my driver pick me up from work I was happy because well I finished early and I was on my way home at four but to my surprise there was a big accident and the "smart" officers close the road opposite to the accident to what purpose I do not know but anyways that meant that we had to go all the way on the road until the next u turn which was way ahead.

To say the least the traffic was horrible at least three hours was going to take for us to get home. But my driver had other ideas because all of a sudden he went of the road and into the sand and rocks parallel to the main road. I was in shock! He just look at me and said new road! I just look back because we now had a line behind us! I look back at him and said well Welcome to Egypt!!! LOL

So for the next twenty minutes I was scrambling in the sand and jumping because of course there is no road so they are some big bumps. We did some awesome drifting too because the sand was giving away so my driver floored it and off we went! It was that or get stuck on the sand which by the way happened to a lot of people. You could see cars stuck in the sand and well I was all the way praying that, that didn't happen to us. Instead of waiting three hours we actually accomplish to be out of there in twenty minutes because we went off road.

Needless to say I enjoyed it very much! I would have love to be on an ATV to get more fun out of the situation but hey at least it was interesting. So if you come to Egypt be aware that this may happen. People are not going to stand on traffic for more than ten minutes, Why would they? They can go off road!!! :)

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Complains Anyone???

I think I am entitled a few complaints about Egypt. Don't get me wrong I love Egypt and I do not mean any disrespect to the Egyptians but I definitely need to get this off my system so bare with me like a child having a tantrum and then he just calms down and continue playing :)

Moving on here are my main complaints! People are always late! Urgh! This is so annoying and to be honest it can be quite irritating as well I sometimes wonder how things get done. I think it would be great for a seminary in time management for Egypt! LOL

Also relating to these is how much people get absent on their jobs! I just started working and well to be honest back home you have a three month probational period and if you get one absence with out a very very good explanation your putting your job in jeopardy. Here people start working and oh tomorrow am not going and well is ok. So too many absences and too many late people for work... this one people may get use to very quickly but to me is lacking responsibility so for those of you thinking great girl you can cut yourself some slack! wrong! but hey maybe I can use it to my advantage sometime right? lol

So if you come to Egypt please do not be punctual because you will be disappointed and for us who are use to seven  being seven  not eight or eleven and tomorrow being tomorrow and not next week have a change of heart and try to be a little umm how to put this... laid back?

Another thing I totally hate! Is the smoking! It drives me insane people smoke everywhere!! Even indoors, I am   99.6% sure that second hand smoke is the main reason people get sick here... maybe am exaggerating a bit but I am very proud about how in Puerto Rico you can go anywhere and be free of smoke I kind of miss that.

Even when I was in Germany there were smoke stations for smokers in the airport so if your visiting from the US or PR were we have very strict rules about smoking you are going to be surprised and well be prepared for a little second hand smoke. You can always bring a mask with you if you want but you will stand out for sure :)

Well there you have it my main concerns and some of them are worried some but to be honest everywhere we go we are going to find somethings bad and some great things is just how you decide they will affect you directly and indirectly and what your going to do about it. This complaints I can live with, why? I usually avoid the smoking situations as much as possible and the late thing I just breathe and relax.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Food! Part VII

I talk about this before my favorite dish my mother in law makes macaroona with bechamel sauce and is really creamy and tasty well I owe you a picture of it and here it is!!

Here it is without cutting into it looks so yummy!! and well here is the inside :) 

Well I want to talk you about Halawa this is a famous spread here and they use it a lot. Is made of sesame seeds and honey. Needless to say is very very sweet and the texture is a little rough. Often is eaten with bread just like peanut butter for Americans, Egyptians love Halawa.  Here is the recipe for those of you who want to make it and have a taste for it. 


1- Roasted Sesame 1/2 kilograms

2- Sea Salt 3/4 teaspoon

3- Honey (Molasses) 1/2 kilograms

4- Flavor as wanted


1- Mix sesame seeds and the salt crystals and grind them repeatedly (up to 3 times)

2- Add the honey or molasses and the flavor to the ground mixture and paste using a spatula

3- Pour into a container dish and put in the rfregirator

4- Flavoring can be made using Cardamon, Anise, Cocoa powder, Carob powder...etc.

You can add unsalted peeled nuts, whipped egg white, few drops of liquid Vanilla... elaborate.The color will range from beige to dark yellow according to the ingredients used. You can adjust the quantities to suit the type of raw materials you are using.

Halawa comprises the benefits of essential fatty acids and vitamin E in Sesame and the health benefits of honey. It can be eaten as snacks, added after gritted to the top of Ice cream, cut into cubes and immersed in Cocoa, or used by so many ways as a sweet healthy food.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Egyptian Wedding!!

This last Friday I went to an Egyptian wedding!! I was excited to see what things they did differently and well experience the whole thing. I love weddings I study to be come a wedding planner which has serve me to help my friends and it comes in handy for organizing great party's. 

Needless to say I did the whole girly ritual that day made my hair, my nails and I even when dress shopping! I didn't see the whole wedding to be honest we just got there like after fifty percent of it was almost done. What my habibi explains is that there is a ceremony and then they spent some time going down the stairs while celebrating and dancing at the same time. I sincerely would have love to see that but I didn't so I am just giving you a feel for it. 

The wedding was at a very nice hotel and when we entered the wedding reception the music was very loud and very Egyptian everything was all like belly dancing music and very festive. They had a circle in the middle of the bride and groom  and they were all dancing. The dancing was different than what am use to, here they men dance with each other like joking around and getting the groom up in the air. The girls dance around the bride celebrating her new marriage. 

Yes you did see a couple dancing with each other but mostly it was like everyone in a circle dancing with everyone. This continue for a few hours then the bride and the groom did walk around the hall to were the food was and then to my surprise admire the food I do not know why but they did and after that they cut the cake! I was like wait a minute there cutting the cake? Anyways after they cut the cake they walk down to the middle of the room were they were sitting on a table ready to eat. 

Only after they started eating the servers started bringing the food to the guests. They serve some rice with breaded chicken, kofta and a few other Lebanese treats. Then after you finish eating you do not eat the cake that the bride and the groom cut you eat different types of dessert. I do not know if this is the norm for every wedding here but hey that's what happen on this one.

After an hour they cleaned the food up and well more dancing!! To my surprise when the bride and groom left so did everyone else like sometimes wedding last until morning and this one was out at midnight. To be honest it was the fastest wedding ending I have ever seen which was great. 

All in all the wedding was great and I had such a good time and I did laugh a lot and well had a wonderful time with my habibi. I am a little disappointed I don't have pictures I forgot my camera and my phone because we were late and we look damn good for a picture! Oh well until next one I guess... 

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