Monday, February 25, 2013

Food- Delights!

Every girl needs cheesecake in her life! I'm not talking about any cheesecake, I'm talking about delicious, makes you forget things kind. So since I moved to Egypt I haven't tasted anything like that, until Habibi came home with a white chocolate and caramel cheesecake!!!!

Here are some pictures of the menu. Unfortunately I didn't took pictures of the cheesecake... I promise I had every intention in doing it but it just... disappeared! Ha! 

O.M.G. that was the best cheesecake I've tasted in a year! Of course being a good Samaritan I decided to share with you were to buy this orgasmic, sorry this marvelous tarts and cakes. Delight Sweet House is a classy, elegant and awesome place to eat cheesecake, tarts, pavlova and brownies. They have a few branches in Cairo and all of them are clean and the staff is friendly.

I stumbled upon this heavenly place because I asked my habibi to get me some cheesecake for my birthday and I told him I want something delicious! Well he brought me something orgasmic! That cheesecake is so creamy and it just dances in your mouth. When I put that piece on my mouth I swear that everything else faded it was that good. Don't get me wrong the House of Cheesecake has the best ones but come on! This is Egypt! They don't do cheesecake!

The only choice I tried and didn't like was the Oreo crust cheesecake with the blueberry topping. If someone from Delight reading this please change that combination is too much! The chocolate is very strong and the blueberry on the top makes it too sweet it just doesn't work. Maybe the crust with plain cheesecake and maybe a light drizzle of blueberry and it would be so much better. Anyways as I was saying this choice I don't recommend. Anything else go crazy!

Their prices are a little high but they are so worth it. If you are in Cairo and have a craving for good desserts go to Delight believe me you won't regret it.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Relationships with Egyptians - Part 4

Language Barrier

As we all know in Egypt they speak Arabic, well better said Egyptian Arabic and to be honest I have been here for a year and I still can't hold a conversation yet. Most of Egyptians speak a little bit of English but to be honest not so good. One thing is for sure they do want to learn to polish their English so in my case they always want a truce with me. You teach me English I will teach you Arabic! You will find that often then not. Anyways when you are in a relationship with someone and for example you don't speak English very well or he doesn't at first is kind of Aww so cute! We are learning to speak and to communicate and I love you is so easy to say that we just fell right for it.

Now when you move to the country and you don't know the language, that my friend is when the language barrier let's her presence be known in full force. Me and my habibi don't have that problem, he speaks perfect English thanks to his education and that is why I haven't been forced to learn the language either. But let me tell you how frustrating it is that you are at work and they are always talking in Arabic unless their talking to you and they talk to each other say your name and you know that their talking about you and they don't care to translate! Rude? Indeed but that is just the way it is.

Then there is the fact that when you go to buy things most of the people don't speak English so it's not like you can you just ask is this from today or where is the yogurt? So it can get very frustrating and annoying! I have learn a few words I am proud of myself. Most of the time I know what is going on around me but I am still afraid of my Arabic because is new! My advice to you please try to learn the language as much as you can. It would help a lot.

The reading and writing well that is totally a different story! To say that am still confused about the reading because they write from right to left and well am used to left to right! Let's be honest Arabic is very difficult language if you want to learn the grammar and the proper way of speaking it and writing it. What you need is the slang but my goal is to learn as much as I can. I love how they write and I hope that in a few years I can write and read it! So far am still learning to sign my name hahahaha.

So if you are leaving in a country where you feel left out try to catch up. I usually learn how to say things and what they mean by listening to people and asking what does this mean? After that I call my habibi and say I learned a new word today! His response is to laugh and then because he knows I want to show off he ask me ok what is the word? I tell him and I just start laughing and saying am so excited! Anyways my point being people can be helpful sometimes take the opportunity and learn from them. Another way is to take courses I don't like them to be honest but for some people it helps.

Most importantly let your partner know how you feel. I had to talk to my Habibi because every time we were eating in his parents place the conversation was in Arabic and well that is very uncomfortable. He didn't translate to me and I was just left looking at my food. That seriously putted me in such a bad mood that I just said listen this is not right. Know he translates and we talk in English sometimes and well sometimes I practice my Arabic too. So is a win, win situation if you let your feelings be known.

My advice learn as much as you can and find a friend who can help you. I sometimes watch T.V. in Arabic to see if I understand. The more you expose yourself and try to be receptive the easier it will get. Be patient and try to be understanding with one another. Teach each other too I am trying to teach Habibi Spanish so far not so good hahah  but I will try.

More often then not sometimes I have misunderstandings with my mother in law her English is not good and she mistakes what I say! Even the drivers have misunderstood  me! Thing is they agree and say yes, madam but they didn't get it at all! So I learned to speak slowly and like if I was speaking to a first grader. Sometimes it works then the other times I just call my habibi and say listen can you check if this person understood what I said? Thanks! True Story! Be ready to have difficulties communicating and try to do your best and enjoy it.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Relationships with Egyptians- Part 3


One thing about Egyptians is that they are traditional with capital T, and believe it or not they are family people. Coming from the Western society were we have dysfunctional families and we pray that we are eighteen to move to our own place, some of the traditions here in Egypt came to bite me in the bottom!

If you are planning to come to Egypt to live with your Egyptian husband or wife keep in mind that Friday's is the day to go the in law's house. Usually the day is supposed to be spend with them. Back home we usually did this on Sunday's after church, but it was not weekly. More like once in a while. Here is every week. Egyptians mothers call every day so please don't feel left out or like your husband talks more to his mom more than you. I heard so many complaints about this and to be honest in every relationship things are different but we need to set the perimeters and we need to understand too.

I hate routines and for me was very hard in the beginning sometimes I just wanted to go out instead of go eat in my in laws house, I talked to my habibi and we do go every Friday and sometimes after that we go out or we take Saturdays for us. Some friends I know have a very hard time with this and I think we need to be honest with each other and decide what is best.

Like I said before in my case I am blessed with my mother in law and I love her like she was my mom and to be honest I sometimes get excited to know I don't have to cook on Friday and look forward to what she cooks. Between you and me sometimes she just makes my favorite! She has me in the palm of her hand with her food, please don't tell! But I know mothers in law who are making my friends miserable! So before you commit to anything make the rules and do me a favor meet the in laws! You have to know what you are getting into. Your husband or wife might be all in love you but his family is important too. Talk about each others expectations maybe you can have some alone time on Fridays if you don't like his family or make a short trip eat and then hang out.

Another thing that can be confusing to some women and irritating is the clothes. Yes I know here I go again but is the truth. Were I come from going out in shorts, tank top and flip flops is nothing new but here is a big no, no. Why? Religion. Egypt is a very conservative society and no one wants to see in a woman or man anything other than clothes. I got such a hard time with this at the beginning and now to be honest I don't have a problem at all... until summer! hahahha kidding. The more you fight this the difficult it would be. Here is the thing the foreigners here in Egypt already stand out as it is. Now you want to come to live in a country that is not yours and do whatever you want because there is nothing wrong with that. No one here is showing boobs or in shorts. They would stand out too much and the comments and stares from the men would be too much. Already as it is I get comments when I am walking down the street! My friends say I just don't dress as foreigner at all so imagine that!

Anyways what am trying to say is here in Egypt we don't display our assets in public this is only for your husband. For some gals this is very old fashioned so am trying to paint the picture for you so you know what you are getting into. Fact is for me I got over it because really I don't like people staring at me and I already have a husband I don't need anyone else attention. Don't think I am wearing long sleeves all the time, only in winter is too cold! But I certainly don't dress the same, I respect Egypt and their culture and religion and if I want to be happy in this country I will just close with this famous saying because it pretty much covers it; "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Relationships with Egyptians - Part 2

I hope you guys are ready for part two, I sure am! I am sitting on my desk looking at the view from my balcony with Sahlab ready to pour out my heart to you. A little dramatic but oh well that's me! Before starting the series I gave it a lot of thought and decided to just write it. Now I find the dilemma of Where do I start? My relationship with Habibi has been so surprising in all aspects that I certainly do not know where to start.

When I first got here I was excited and waiting to discover this new step in our relationship but I was so excited about this new place all this history, culture and of course my passion the food! All my family is in to food, and surprisingly enough all of us cook. We cook good not bad at all so when we gather together is for a very delicious meal prepare by a few of us. I know my way around a kitchen I studied some months in Culinary and well  I have been cooking since I was thirteen years old.

Of course I was delighted to show my Habibi my cooking skills! The first weeks we ate at his parents because we didn't have the kitchen yet. I started discovering the Egyptian meals, liking some hating others and started to miss Latin food. The flavors were not the same. All this time Habibi was like 'think you can top that?' to what I answered 'Of course!' I felt insulted every time that he implied that maybe I was not going to be able to cook! Well my chance finally came and I went to do some shopping for food with Habibi and well... it was very educational to say the least.

None of the things I used back home were available here and if they were, it didn't taste the same! My cooking was dead! Nothing was good and to be honest I was so frustrated with myself I got defensive. My Habibi blessed his heart ate everything and he did make remarks but was always very nice about it. When I called home my friends and family were shocked and they couldn't believe it. My brother even talked to Habibi and said she is such a great cook are we talking about the same person? Ha! I was glad I didn't make anything in my head about the cooking at least my friends and family knew I could cook but that the person who I was sharing my life with didn't like my food was laughable to say the least.

After that I just tried to make everything better, I use to joke that I left my culinary skills in Frankfurt when I stopped there on my way to Egypt. My cooking is not bad but to a person that has been use to a style of cooking for more than thirty years and now is tasting things that are totally different...well of course he is not going to like it! His mom is a great cook but here is what I didn't understand, we had different palates! I like sweet things and my Habibi is picky with his food, no onions, garlic, no rice and the list goes on.

Things like this that you may never think can be a problem had me loosing my mind, making me insecure and ready to crack. I never thought that my Habibi and I were going to be different in food too! We agree on somethings but not all of them. We have learned with time to compromise and he likes my food now. I had to re-conciliate myself with the kitchen try new ingredients different flavors and instead of getting frustrated I tried to enjoy the kitchen again.

For success in a relationship that has two people with different taste buds, experiences and baggage we need to be able to stop being defensive and try as it might to be reasonable. You love this person and sure maybe he is wrong but maybe he is not! Listen carefully and try to embrace the culture do not impose things. Imposing causes more trouble. The goal is not to see what culture is the best! Is about merging. About coming together and making two cultures that are totally different merge and enjoy the differences and even laugh about it.

Now we enjoy dinner and to be honest we even love doing things together! Habibi cooked for me which by the way surprise his mom to no end hahah. The doctor has some tricks up his sleeve. Even surprise me. I was more than shocked and well he even made cupcakes! Gotta love him!

I had to change too. Starting with the milk, the cereal and the bread. Simple things. Things you do in your everyday life and it never crossed my mind that I would miss them or that at some point I was going to be like a little girl making a tantrum cause I want fresh milk! Hahaha So be open to changes and do not be a sissy! Life is full of challenges and some changes even if they are difficult. Be patient with your partner and try  to understand each other.

Thank you for reading and following me! See you on the next post, if you have a questions please feel to write at:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Relationship with Egyptians- Part 1

Since I started my blog I get emails about fans that are in relationships with Egyptians and they are so happy to find and read my blog. My reaction to this is happiness and to be honest I get scared so bad. I have no idea why but I am a worrier! I worry about people. I am a very, very suspicious person and one thing I hate is for guys to take advantage of girls. So since there is a lot of hate and misconception about Egyptians I decided to start this series.

Being in an intercultural relationship is no piece of cake. When me and Habibi met in the medical conference we were not looking for anything and we decided to just be friends and so we were. Believe me I gave him such a hard time and I was so scared when he told me to go to Egypt and try to make it work and that he was going to make sure I never regretted that decision.

You know all the suspicions I had? I was in love with him yes but some part of me was freaked out! It was a big change and I had to research so much and what I found on the Internet almost made me pass out. Women saying they were use by Egyptians and that they just wanted a Visa and the stories go on. Life can sometimes be very hard and relationships more so. Now people take advantage of others because is just fun.

So I hope that if you are in a relationship with a person and you are not sure I will give you a life changing tip. It has worked for me so many times I want you to try it. This is what I used in my relationship with Habibi. I prayed. That simple. I went to God and I told him if this is the guy, if this is where you want me to be make everything happen, open the right doors for me.

After that what happened? I started selling my stuff and it sold faster than popcorn in the movies! Even my car! Everything was easy to get rid off even my airline ticket was very cheap, Habibi was scared it was not real since it was so cheap! hahah No one can tell us what to do with our lives or who to be with. But sometimes we have to look at the signs and ask God (who some people have forgotten) to open our eyes and guide us.

It's been a year since I made this life changing decision and I have not regretted anything. One thing you need to be sure when you get in a relationship with someone that is not in your same culture, religion or country is to be able to communicate and to be able to listen first, analyze and evaluate without judging. This I know applies for any relationship but its more important in this type of relationship.

After the puppy love phase everything changes and our culture and habits come out and believe me what seems normal to you will be totally different for him. This can cause problems if we are too focused on ourselves and that's the way it is back home attitude won't get you anywhere but in trouble. So take your shoes off, get comfortable maybe get some chocolate and join me on this series about relationships.

In this series I will talk about the struggles and the most stupid things that sometimes can become big if we do not know how to handle it. Of course they will be funny, because I look at everything in a funny way and some I hope will be helpful. If you are in a relationship with an Egyptian or any other nationality and have questions feel free to email me at  and I will be happy to help!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Expat Life

There are times in our lives that we find ourselves in a crossroads. We either go one way or another and hope for the best. A lot of people make the decision to move to a country that is not their own either for a job or a new adventure. Acquiring the title of expatriate or in short expat and for those of you who never heard this before this is the definition: a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing

My brother and some friends always tell me you are a very strong person to make all this changes I don't think it would be that easy for me. The truth is, is not easy! Is very hard and you have to have a backbone and a lot of strong will to do it. 

If you are thinking of becoming an expatriate I will suggest that you prepare yourself first by researching the country you want to live in, their culture, their religion, their laws and if your a woman what is it like for a woman? You may read this and say, why? Is she crazy? I am going to Italy, nothing happens in Italy! 
Sorry to burst your bubble and say that anything can happen to anyone anywhere! The reason why you have to take this precautions is that your an expat, you don't know the language (probably), you are and forever be a foreigner. 

Always know were the embassy is, the phone for the police or anything that can help you before you are in that country. In my case it was kind of easy my Habibi helped me and still I planned with my family a few things of what to do if am in trouble just in case. It never hurts to be extra careful. 

You have to be friendly and I will suggest to make friends as quick  as possible. This can be hard and to be honest please don't trust people so easily but don't be a loner. Other expats are the perfect friends because they are just like you. Missing home, missing food and looking for a lost soul just like them to share the craziness of living with the locals. 

Enjoy yourself as much as you can and please never compare places because lets be honest they are never going to be the same! That's the main reason we decided to take the plunge right? We wanted a difference an adventure. Don't be come a bitter expat and criticize everything if the country is not working for you either you move or there is something wrong with you and you need to get into it. 

Making big changes like this will expose us to our fears, insecurities and most of all ourselves. Is not only a change in the atmosphere, people and place is about you. How well do you adapt, survive and interact with other people. This experience for me has been very gratifying and one that has involved a lot of tears and soul searching. I had to change my mind, my way of thinking and instead of resistance to the change I started it embracing it. 

We have to look at the big picture, if you are in a relationship with a foreigner and living in another country like me think about the big picture not the now. A relationship is hard as it is imagine with all the changes! It gets crazy and I have a series of post coming about the challenges of this sort of relationship and how to deal with them. 

Expat life is not for everyone and if you are one like me Kudos on the experience! If you are thinking od becoming one don't be scared and jump into it with both feet. 

 Thank you for reading and following me! 

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