Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day in Egypt. To be honest is kind of a hard day for me, it's been almost 3 years since I lost my mom and almost a year since my grandma passed too so there is only the memory of them and the hole that this important women left in my life. I know that in Puerto Rico is not Mother's Day today but since am not there anymore I decided to at least write about the most important person's in my life. In honor of them and of all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!

 Today I wish that I could just pick the phone and just say Hi mom! Happy mothers day! and Hi Grandma! Happy mothers day! but instead of that I prayed to God saying that I missed them and that I wish I had more time with them. There are things that are going to happen in my life that they are going to miss but I know they are in a better place. But I told God you know what I still miss them! and you know what? I am always going to miss them. If you recently lost someone the only thing I can tell you is that no matter what no one will take away the hole that person left, no one can substitute that person but with time is manageable is more easy to talk and to remember the good times.

 Since mami died I decided to live my life one day at a time to enjoy life, sometimes we think we have all the time in the world but believe me we don't. The thing about human nature is we see movies that emphasize about the importance of time in life and we think and say wow I need to spend more time with my family or I need to spend more time doing this. In the end they think but they don't make any change. They are so much people wasting so much time in mundane and unimportant things and is sad to say that there is no way of turning back.

What means something to you, what is important in your life should always have the best quality of your time. We all have obligations and we all have problems and situations but in the end none of those things are going with us. I just want to share with you that time is your to manage. You do with your time what is most important to you. So after all this deep stuff let's just say that Life is a Carnival enjoy it, embrace it and seriously have fun.

 Even my grandma and my mom until the very end and in all the sickness they laugh and loved. That's they key to life! I believe that if you can enjoy yourself in every circumstance your a fighter. I love my family, I love that even in the hardest times we laugh! yes we are a bunch of crazy people so what? LOL Is that ability and that sense of humor that is in our blood what makes all of us special. I still remember that after leaving the hospital after mom died we went to eat and seriously we were sad and shocked but we eat and we joked and then we cried some more.

 So try to see the world in a different mind, don't be negative all the time it kind of makes you ugly ( sorry someone had to tell you :) ) there is always someone in a worst situation and not even complaining about it, don't let anyone ruin your day and honestly laugh and live a little. Oh and I leave with you some tips of what I think you can give a mom, seriously am doing this because I know mom will be with me 100%!

 1. Take her shopping!!
 2. Day at the spa! If like me your a daughter make it a girls day out!
 3. Take her on a day trip with the grand kids and well everyone
 4. Cook for her, if your still living with her just do what she does for you everyday 5.
 Sometimes they just want to be with you so reserve a whole day with her, is just one day come on it can be that bad!

 These are a few so no excuses people enjoy your moms!

 Thank you for reading me !

Mother's Day!


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  1. I'm very proud of you! Tu Mami estaria mas que orgullosa al ver todo lo que has logrado, sigue hacia adelante y sabes que aquí estamos para ti siempre. Te extraño mucho y cuento los días para poder verte de nuevo!

    Love u a lot

    1. Que Linda!! Gracias mi amor por tus palabras un abrazo nos vemos prontito.


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