Monday, March 26, 2012

What NOT to wear!

I love that show! Kind of missed it actually ... Anyways my post today is about what not to wear in Cairo. Specifically for women. As i said time and time on previous posts Egypt is a conservative society so if you want to have a good time and not be bother please listen up because this is important.  Otherwise Stacey and Clinton can be knocking on your door! LOL

No legs! Sorry to break it to you but shorts and mini skirts or short sundresses is not appropriate in Egypt. Can you wear it? Yes you can nobody is going to arrest you but you will feel really out of place and attract men unwanted attention. So if you want to Fit in just avoid short things is for your own good. 

No low and tight tops either. Is better to wear loose tops not so loose I mean you can be fashionable but don't wear the too tight tops or the tops that show your stomach or your back. In Egypt everyone dresses in a conservative manner. This doesn't mean that you have to compromise fashion! I mean I live here and I use to wear shorts all the time so is a big change for me. 

On the other hand I am learning how to be conservative and the art of layering clothes :) and honestly is too damn cold now to wear anything less. You can use jeans women here wear them too. So for your suitcase just rethink a little bit what your throwing in. If you have doubts about it hey write me I can help you out. You don't have to cover your hair using a veil so no worries about that. 

If your a girl traveling alone no worries Egypt is pretty safe but is always good to watch out am a paranoid person and I don't trust anyone. It can be the worlds safest place on the planet and I am still going to be serious and suspicious. So my advice to you girls is don't smile too much be polite but not too much and don't flirt you never know if he is a psycho or something right?

Well to finish this post I most say every country has their culture and we are going to visit we must do our best to respect them and follow them , if your on vacation is temporary and if your moving well you have to think if you can live with it. Egypt is beautiful and has some of the most historic sites in the world so don't let clothes get in the way of seeing the pharaohs. 

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What NOT to wear!


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  1. Hola Z.R. Deverian hacer una melicula de tu vida en Cairo jejeje Sabes q tqm amiguis. Sige adelante con tus inventos q vas aver ya mismo hacen una serie o una pelicula... <3

  2. jajaja Ay Gracias!!! No se espero que si seria una faceta nueva en mi vida que no rechazo al contrario me emociona!


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