Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food! Food and more food! Part I

Well one the things that had me excited was trying the Egyptian food. I am a sucker for food so I was definitely  looking to eat some local food and well try things I never had before. Egyptian food is spicy. One thing Egyptians love is beans. They eat them in every way imaginable and they are tasty and yummy. The most they use are fava beans, chick peas and lentils. I apologized if there are more this for me are the more common as far as I've seen.

One of the things I love is called Tameia (sorry is is badly written) is made of beans and is fried. This crunchy treat is so delicious it has become one of my favorite Egyptian things to eat. Is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside is not spicy and it has a unique flavor. Is usually served as breakfast but you can get it any time. You can either eat alone or in a sandwich. Here is a picture of it, because I believe am a "photographer" I take a lot of pictures so enjoy them!

Other thing I absolutely love is Sahlab. I am specially fond of this as I don't drink coffer or tea so this delicious creamy drink makes a good morning start or simply gets you warmer when you need it. To tell you the truth most of my great ideas come after having Sahlab so maybe it has other qualities too... Sahlab is made from the starch found in the ground bulb of the orchid (orchis mascula), figures my favorite flower and my favorite drink. You can buy this powder in Egypt and you simply mix it with milk and sugar until it thickens and yum is ready to drink. Here is a picture of the final product. 

Other famous Egyptian dish is the Koshari. This dish is made from lentils, chick peas, rice and pasta mixed in a spicy red sauce. This is my habibis favorite but unfortunately I do not like this one :( But i share it with you all the same because I tried it and well is a local favorite. Is all mixed up together with the sauce. Here is a picture for you. 

There are many things I haven't have the pleasure to try yet so that's why this is the Part I so I will be giving you more information on more food and specially desserts and let me tell you they are a lot of yummy desserts in Egypt. 

As always comments are welcome and if your interested I can get you a recipe too. Thank you for reading me!!!

Food! Food and more food! Part I


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  1. Hola Zary... me encanta tu idea!!! y el hecho de tener a alguien que pueda explicar todo esto de la comida, lugares, la gente, etc por que de otra forma es un poco complicado... Ya has probado el Falafel? o el Shawarma? aqui en Costa Rica lo he comido en restaurantes √°rabes... a ver si me dices que tal por all√°? Me vuelvo tu fan y espero poder seguirte a traves de tu blog... Saludos desde CR :)

  2. Hola!! Gracias por leerme!! En cuanto a las comidas que mencionas no las he probado, pero creeme voy a preguntar y de seguro que les dejo saber. Saludos desde Cairo!


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