Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today was a very windy day in Egypt and I must say that a little wind makes a mini sandstorm. When I woke up today I felt like I was back home in the middle of a hurricane. It was so windy that you could hear weird sounds on the windows and it was just the air trying to get in.

I did not go out today I just stayed home I mean the groceries can wait until tomorrow but I think am still not use to having sand all over me. I love the beach and am used to the sand but come on is like walking and its raining sand! LOL Anyways my point today is that if you come to Egypt you may found yourself in one of these sandstorms and it's part of the charm I guess.

Next time I would sacrifice my hair :) and take a picture for you guys because is seriously amazing. Putting all the joking aside I believe is a sight to behold I mean not being in it but looking from a window I think you would enjoy it.

For the people that are considering moving in here I must say this makes cleaning hell! Dust is everywhere! Days like today make me go crazy because I clean and then when I think am done there it is a dusty surface again! So find an apartment with good windows and please don't open them in a windy day. Be ready to clean the dust off.

In my house we leave the shoes at the entrance because believe me sand will be all over the place and I will have a fit if my habibi messes my floor. The other thing is have patience while driving because your not going to be able to see very well so you will spend a lot of time in traffic.

Well gotta go people my pharoah just got home :) thank you for following me and reading me! 



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