Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food! Part V

Yesterday was a wonderful day and I have to share with you the great new tasty experience I had. My cute pharaoh took me to eat waffles! and well to be honest they were one of the best I ever tried.

The place is call ChocoMix and is located in Heliopolis, we were in City Stars Mall and its just about a 5 minute drive to this place. It's a little place but is so good. I am a super fan of Nutella so is my other half and well he ordered some Nutella waffles! YUMMY!! It was so good. The waffle was so fluffy and mine was a bit crunchy on the sides just as I like it! and well they were filled with Nutella the guy who made them was not shy at all he just smothered them so much that well it kinda of mmm got on my shirt! LOL

So as always I took a picture of this very yummy and fluffy treat for you guys. Hope you enjoy and please don't be jealous ;).

I am excited to say that while at the mall I discovered that Cold Stone is coming to Egypt!! OMG! I was so excited! The bummer is that is going to be a little far from home but hey at least there is going to be one :) so another good thing for Cairo. 

Until next post everybody. Thank you for reading me and following me. 

Food! Part V


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