Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food!!! Part IV

Happy Thursday everyone! Today am going to talk about what Egyptians love to eat and the pictures are directly from a great cook, my mother in law! I hope you enjoy it and to be honest some of these dishes you may find in restaurants but is way better to have it in an Egyptian home.

First off is the Egyptian version of lasagna. Instead of using pasta they use a special bread to make the layers. Is still yummy but with not that much cheese. Usually when I make lasagna I use like four different types of cheese the least. So when you try these is very packed of flavor and a little spicy but soft not crunchy. Here is a picture of it. 

Egyptian Kofta is very very delicious meat. You have some ground beef, onions, bread, and some peppers and  voila! You have a very tasty meat filled with peppers and is very very yummy I love it. Here is a picture for it. You can eat this out too, I was told but this one is straight from my in laws house. 

Last but not least my favorite dish ever and I have to sincerely apologize for not having a picture. I must confess that when this is at the table my ability to wait a minute to take a picture goes out the window. My mother in law made this for me the second day I was here and well let's say every time she does it I just go crazy! and well me and my habibi love this dish we usually fight for the crispy pasta at the bottom of the pan :) Ok so what am talking about is creamy Macarona. This dish is very famous here, it consist of penne pasta, bechamel sauce, chicken and cheese. Boy this recipe is so yummy and soooo creamy you won't stop eating I promised you this is amazing. 

I still have to get my hands on the recipe I believe my mother in law is avoiding me because she just loves to make it for us and she is always ecstatic when we go there. Anyways I will find a way to make this I have to! I need to impress my family when I go to visit and I definitely have to make this. 

Thank you for reading me and following me until next post! 

Food!!! Part IV


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