Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Trip!

Last Saturday I receive a huge surprise! My habibi took me on a day trip and the destination was Alexandria! I was so excited to go I felt like a kid at Christmas. The trip is approximately three hours but to be honest is worth it. You can stop in a few places while on the road so is not like is all highway.

Just the entrance to Alex is amazing. They designed like a gate that is greek and the word Alexandria is written in Greek and Arabic.Alexandria is very small compare to Cairo and is soo different I fell in love with it. The ambiance is more laid back and obviously you have the Mediterranean sea  as a background which is pretty damn beautiful. You can smell the saltiness of the sea, the fish of course and well is so relax and to be honest I felt right at home.

I even asked my habibi to move there LOL it just reminded me of home. You can have a great day in Alexandria by just walking along the coastline and eating some good food. That was what we did. We had some awesome lunch, walked and then eat some ice cream.

I know am going to go back again there is absolutely no doubt about it, but if you have time just go visit Alex is so different from the busy Cairo that you wouldn't want to leave. The air is cleaner and the streets are way cleaner too. The designs of the buildings and hotels are very exotic and pretty. If you love seafood well this is the place to eat it.

Things you should do is go see the Citadel is breathtaking is at the end of the coast and well is just impressive. You can visit it is open from 9am-4pm everyday. Here are a few pictures of Alex. Enjoy!

Alex Gate!

Day Trip!


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