Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food in Alexandria!

I apologize for not writing sooner its been crazy this past weeks, I started my new job which to be honest is pretty cool and got sick and now my habibi is sick too. Today is a holiday here in Egypt Sinai Liberation day and I decided to write a few post for you guys.

On my last post I talk about my day trip to Alexandria which was hilarious and I so want to go there again, and now am going to tell you what I eat in Alex. My habibi took me to this great restaurant called La Casetta, this place is really beautiful very rustic and cozy. The service is excellent and the prices are very decent too. We sat at one of the windows overlooking the sea and wow it was very romantic. 

To be honest we were so hungry we drove all the way from Cairo to Alex and didn't eat anything because we wanted to eat pizza. Yes, he drove me all the way to Alex for Pizza my habibi is the best! and he is mine yeay! Ok moving on we do have pizza in Cairo but to be honest this was some damn good pizza and the view and the feel of Alexandria made it all worth while. 

La Casetta is an Italian restaurant and it has all types of pasta and of course pizza. I ordered some good yummy cheese and tomato pizza that was to die for! It was so cheesy and tasty and just to good wow am craving one right now. We also eat some toasty garlic bread that was delicious. One pretty cool thing about this restaurant they have this buttons on the wall so you can call the waiter. 

It's way cool I wanted to push the button since I knew what it was because they come pretty fast and me being a curious being and kind of a kid at heart... I couldn't help myself so thank you to the staff for putting up with me the impossible customer aka me. Am joking my habibi pretty much just let me hit the button to get the check. 

I only took pictures of the pizza before attacking it with a vengeance :) I was hungry LOL and I tried to take a picture of the restaurant but to be honest I was so full I couldn't think straight. Here is a picture of the pizza. 

After this wonderful delicious pizza we took a walk on the Pharos Scenic Path and I do not now how we ate some ice cream! It was so delicious and made with natural ingredients. I do not know the name because to be honest I was so out of it.

The hubby had orange ice cream and it had pieces of orange in it, it was so refreshing and creamy just so good I recommend it 100%. 

Thank you for reading me and following me!! If you read me every now and then I encourage you to follow me that way you get updates when I post something new. 

Food in Alexandria!


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