Sunday, September 23, 2012

When is it enough?

So here is the thing about living in a different country that doesn't have your same religion, culture and language, can you adapt or when do we say enough? After been here for eight months they are still things that just plain irritate me!

I wish I could just speak the language right away! LOL. I understand some words and can speak a few too but is not enough. I can't read anything in Arabic is totally messed up and starting with the fact that they write from right to left... confusing enough?

The eating habits of Egyptians entitled every body part available in animals, kidneys, livers, cow legs anything you name it they eat it! So that been said I have to say that I only eat chicken and beef and of course not any weird parts! Please don't judge me but I really can't eat it and I don't eat fish either so I guess I fall into the picky eater category. The only thing is you can eat in front of me no problem just don't think I am going to try it!! Lol.

The clothes is something am pretty much adapted too already but really some day's I wake up and I wish I could just wear whatever I want! No sleeves, shorts ... maybe the rebel part of me or something! All this I took into account before moving here but we have a saying back home that says You can't be sure of things until you try them. So here I am musing and complaining to you guys because sometimes is hard.

I miss home and of course the way I lived my life for the past twenty six years and guess what is normal! No one can make such a big difference in their life and expect to adapt in eight months, doing something totally different than what you have been doing your whole life. This is post is for those of you who are afraid of changes, is not going to be easy but hey maybe you do not need to make such a drastic move as I did.

There are country's who speak English or any other language that still will make things challenging for you. Life is never easy and if it is for you, you are either living in the clouds or something is wrong with you! LOL The only thing that will change the outcome is our attitude and I have to say that I have been letting my frustration get the best of me so don't let it happen and if it does, as it happen to me just cry a little maybe get mad and get over it.

Thank you for reading and following me!  

When is it enough?


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