Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well now that Ramadan is over here in Egypt we three days of holiday! They called them Eid vacation. On this three days Egyptians eat what they called Kha and Biscuits which are very yummy cookies!! Also on this days parents buy their kids new clothes and new presents.

On these three days the most important thing to Egyptians is to visit the family. The first day of the vacation they have a prayer at 5am in the morning usually everyone goes to a specific location and you can see the amount of people praying and dressed in their galabeyas. After that everyone goes to visit family and of course enjoy eating food now that the fasting is over.

At first my habibi told me oh we are going to order some Kha and biscuits for us you will like it. Inside I was so happy to know I was going to have delicious cookies in my house!! Then my mother in law comes in my house carrying buckets of Kha and a huge bag of biscuits!!! LOL  Needless to say i still have a LOT! To my horror they are so good I just want them gone before I start getting bigger by my terrible need to just eat the delicious things! :)

My favorite is the biscuits!! You can eat them like in the picture plain and they are super delicious! Or you can put some white powder sugar on them, my trick I eat them with everything! I even made an ice cream sandwich with two of them ha! it was super yummy! and of course one of my favorites way to eat them is with strawberry jam.

Now here is the Kha, the taste is different they are not as crunchy as the biscuits and they are very soft inside. Egyptians love this little cookie and of course is my habibi's favorite. You can eat it plain like in the picture and some people coated with white powder sugar. 

Here is a picture of a box we bought too with some heart shaped cookies with sprinkles!! 

Well thank you for reading and following me! Next is how to make a very yummy dessert!! 



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