Thursday, September 20, 2012


When you become an expat they are things that you definitely miss from home. So I decided to share with you mine. First of all I miss my Island!!! the beach, the mountains and of course the rain! One thing I love about the drive to work in the morning is when we pass by the Nile river it might not be the same as the beach but water all the same and it sooth's my "sea desires" LOL.

I surely miss driving! There is nothing more relaxing for me, but only back home! Here in Egypt is a little scary to drive still I thank my habibi for letting me drive a few times.  :)

I miss a really good cereal! The other day I bought "original" Fruit Loops on Carrefour and I was so disappointed because it was not the same as back home! they taste awful. The thing is that it was the same box and everything! But between you and me, they have a Kellogg's here in Egypt so they make everything to look the same but tastes different. That goes for any cereal. On that same note I miss fresh milk. You can find some in Egypt but you have to boil it and everything so we just stick to buying full cream milk.

For those of you living here in Egypt and miss fresh milk too, I share with you a good discovery that tastes almost as good as fresh milk. Dina Farms has a variety of products and one of my favorites is their fresh milk. Here is an ad for it. If you buy it be aware it goes bad quickly. You have like a week before it goes bad, but trust me this stuff is good.

You can find pretty much any fruits in or vegetables in Egypt but to my dismay they don't have plantains! I love plantains in any form and I miss them like crazy so when I get home I am planning on eating so much plantains that they come out of my ears!! LOL 

There you have it people the things I miss the must! There are many other but the life and the country are different and am sure when I go home for a visit I will bring a suitcase just for this type of things! Please don't tell anyone I don't want any problems at the airport! Lol 

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