Sunday, September 16, 2012

A little bit crazy!!

So I think is safe to say that it made world news the recent incidents on Cairo and other Arab countries... going on that I have to say that believe or not is been safe for me so far. Here is the thing about conflicts here in Egypt, they all concentrate on Tahrir Square and to be honest I live and work far from there so in any case your not going to get hurt if you stay away from it.

Many people may be confused as to what is a happening and because you guys read me you will get the "inside story"! The whole thing blew out because there is a movie trailer that was released on September 11, coincidence? I think not. This video is about a movie that was made of Prophet Muhammad and insulting Islam and their beliefs. Basically the video is very crude a blasphemy in itself and even the actors on the movie didn't know they were doing a film about Islam.

The producers shot the low budget video in 2 weeks and told the actors that it was a movie about warriors in the dessert. The Arab world went crazy and furiously mad at this video and started protesting in Us embassy's and burning the American flag and well you have probably seen and heard what has been going on in the past few days. 

Some people may see this as exaggeration but to be honest everyone has a right to protest especially about something that was so offensive. I surely do not celebrate the violent acts, I think we all have a right to protest and let our voices be heard but always with civility. Since yesterday afternoon their has been no more protests.

Now the real deal is, this is all POLITICS! This video is a diversion and an example of what is to come in the future if politicians make the wrong move. Anyways please don't hold it against me is my humble opinion and well I hope at least you get the idea of what is happening. For my family and friends believe me I am doing great.

Busy with work and  my new apartment! Well thank you for reading and following me!!

A little bit crazy!!


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