Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off Road!

I can definitely cross on my list going scrambling on the sand, this past week I had the experience of my life. I thought that in Puerto Rico we created lanes where they were none and we were perfect doing this but boy was I wrong. Egyptians have created another level they don't create new lanes they create new roads!

When my driver pick me up from work I was happy because well I finished early and I was on my way home at four but to my surprise there was a big accident and the "smart" officers close the road opposite to the accident to what purpose I do not know but anyways that meant that we had to go all the way on the road until the next u turn which was way ahead.

To say the least the traffic was horrible at least three hours was going to take for us to get home. But my driver had other ideas because all of a sudden he went of the road and into the sand and rocks parallel to the main road. I was in shock! He just look at me and said new road! I just look back because we now had a line behind us! I look back at him and said well Welcome to Egypt!!! LOL

So for the next twenty minutes I was scrambling in the sand and jumping because of course there is no road so they are some big bumps. We did some awesome drifting too because the sand was giving away so my driver floored it and off we went! It was that or get stuck on the sand which by the way happened to a lot of people. You could see cars stuck in the sand and well I was all the way praying that, that didn't happen to us. Instead of waiting three hours we actually accomplish to be out of there in twenty minutes because we went off road.

Needless to say I enjoyed it very much! I would have love to be on an ATV to get more fun out of the situation but hey at least it was interesting. So if you come to Egypt be aware that this may happen. People are not going to stand on traffic for more than ten minutes, Why would they? They can go off road!!! :)

Thank you for reading and following me!!

Off Road!


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