Saturday, May 26, 2012

Movie Time!!

Last night was my first time in a few months since I have been to the Movies and to be honest I got the experience of a lifetime. We enjoyed our time in City Stars Mall in Heliopolis and well after grabbing a bite to eat we went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D. The movie was ok but I expected more like Forrest Gump that's all I have to say about that! LOL

For those wondering the movie is in English with Arabic and French subtitles so if you want to see a movie while in Cairo I suggest you do it. To be perfectly honest I totally recommend this Cinema it was awesome. When you pay for your ticket,  this right here made this whole experience the best in my life, so listen up everybody!!! YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN SEATS!!!! HOORAY!!! OMG!  Seriously that is awesome! 

I just love Egypt for this alone!!! Back home you make one hour lines to take a good seat! and if you didn't get on time you were definitely up for seeing the movie in 3D even if the movie is not on 3D because your ass is on the front road seats. If you want to get up to buy something you have to be with someone to watch your seat because otherwise your going to lose it. So when my habibi choose seats I was like Did you just choose our seats?
He just looked at me like yes babe I did, Why? I just smiled and said WOW! By the way he choose the best seats ever!! That's why I love him!!

Anyways you have your own seats so if you are alone you can get up and believe me no one will take your seat. Another great thing they take a five minute break in the movie so you can go to the bathroom or if you want to buy something you have the time to do it. How cool is that? You get your break and continue with the movie were you left it! Now i don't know about you people but when I go to see a movie I love comfort am a tall girl and well my habibi is taller so I was actually looking forward to see the space between the seats.

Boy I was not disappointed those seats were comfy and the space was great I seriously love the movies here more than home! So if you like to experience this wonderful new way of movie experience come to Cairo you will like it! LOL I sure did and am hoping to go more often!

Thank you for reading and following me!! 

Movie Time!!


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