Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Egyptian Wedding!!

This last Friday I went to an Egyptian wedding!! I was excited to see what things they did differently and well experience the whole thing. I love weddings I study to be come a wedding planner which has serve me to help my friends and it comes in handy for organizing great party's. 

Needless to say I did the whole girly ritual that day made my hair, my nails and I even when dress shopping! I didn't see the whole wedding to be honest we just got there like after fifty percent of it was almost done. What my habibi explains is that there is a ceremony and then they spent some time going down the stairs while celebrating and dancing at the same time. I sincerely would have love to see that but I didn't so I am just giving you a feel for it. 

The wedding was at a very nice hotel and when we entered the wedding reception the music was very loud and very Egyptian everything was all like belly dancing music and very festive. They had a circle in the middle of the bride and groom  and they were all dancing. The dancing was different than what am use to, here they men dance with each other like joking around and getting the groom up in the air. The girls dance around the bride celebrating her new marriage. 

Yes you did see a couple dancing with each other but mostly it was like everyone in a circle dancing with everyone. This continue for a few hours then the bride and the groom did walk around the hall to were the food was and then to my surprise admire the food I do not know why but they did and after that they cut the cake! I was like wait a minute there cutting the cake? Anyways after they cut the cake they walk down to the middle of the room were they were sitting on a table ready to eat. 

Only after they started eating the servers started bringing the food to the guests. They serve some rice with breaded chicken, kofta and a few other Lebanese treats. Then after you finish eating you do not eat the cake that the bride and the groom cut you eat different types of dessert. I do not know if this is the norm for every wedding here but hey that's what happen on this one.

After an hour they cleaned the food up and well more dancing!! To my surprise when the bride and groom left so did everyone else like sometimes wedding last until morning and this one was out at midnight. To be honest it was the fastest wedding ending I have ever seen which was great. 

All in all the wedding was great and I had such a good time and I did laugh a lot and well had a wonderful time with my habibi. I am a little disappointed I don't have pictures I forgot my camera and my phone because we were late and we look damn good for a picture! Oh well until next one I guess... 

Thank you for reading and following me! 

Egyptian Wedding!!


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  1. Hi How are u , I liked so much u blog , Im Cuban and my boyfriend is from Egypt , He's there right now and im thinking in the future move over there , I know than u're Caribbean like me Can u say how is the life for us the Caribbeans there is so hard adapt the customs there or no ? Please answer me im so interesting in u answer Thanks


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