Friday, May 11, 2012

Complains Anyone???

I think I am entitled a few complaints about Egypt. Don't get me wrong I love Egypt and I do not mean any disrespect to the Egyptians but I definitely need to get this off my system so bare with me like a child having a tantrum and then he just calms down and continue playing :)

Moving on here are my main complaints! People are always late! Urgh! This is so annoying and to be honest it can be quite irritating as well I sometimes wonder how things get done. I think it would be great for a seminary in time management for Egypt! LOL

Also relating to these is how much people get absent on their jobs! I just started working and well to be honest back home you have a three month probational period and if you get one absence with out a very very good explanation your putting your job in jeopardy. Here people start working and oh tomorrow am not going and well is ok. So too many absences and too many late people for work... this one people may get use to very quickly but to me is lacking responsibility so for those of you thinking great girl you can cut yourself some slack! wrong! but hey maybe I can use it to my advantage sometime right? lol

So if you come to Egypt please do not be punctual because you will be disappointed and for us who are use to seven  being seven  not eight or eleven and tomorrow being tomorrow and not next week have a change of heart and try to be a little umm how to put this... laid back?

Another thing I totally hate! Is the smoking! It drives me insane people smoke everywhere!! Even indoors, I am   99.6% sure that second hand smoke is the main reason people get sick here... maybe am exaggerating a bit but I am very proud about how in Puerto Rico you can go anywhere and be free of smoke I kind of miss that.

Even when I was in Germany there were smoke stations for smokers in the airport so if your visiting from the US or PR were we have very strict rules about smoking you are going to be surprised and well be prepared for a little second hand smoke. You can always bring a mask with you if you want but you will stand out for sure :)

Well there you have it my main concerns and some of them are worried some but to be honest everywhere we go we are going to find somethings bad and some great things is just how you decide they will affect you directly and indirectly and what your going to do about it. This complaints I can live with, why? I usually avoid the smoking situations as much as possible and the late thing I just breathe and relax.

Thank you for reading me and following me!

Complains Anyone???


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