Tuesday, August 6, 2013


A few weeks ago I received an email from BlogExpat.com that they wanted to interview me. At first I thought it was a joke. Really, an interview for me? I have a fair amount of page views and only two followers in blogger and 41 followers on Facebook!! Not much so I was surprised, but can I say I was also ecstatic???! I mean I do not care what force in the Universe provided me with this opportunity to reach more people!

I mean the world hasn't had enough of my craziness and Habibi is already exposed to me too much! So in light of that, my interview was published yesterday. So I am going to put a link here so if you are interested you can go check it out. From Puerto Rico to Egypt. 

It also happens that I am eligible for the Top Expat Blog Awards!!! Wow seriously? Amazing I know so if you like reading me and my crazy ideas, input and recipes and think more people should read me please vote for me. Vote Top Blogger Awards

Since I am so giddy I found this on Bitstrips and I could not help myself! Cute, huh?  Last but not least I want to thank everyone for reading me and for following me. I feel that something that started as a way to communicate with my family has expanded in to something else. Nothing prepare me for this and even if its something in a small scale I am truly happy and amazed by your support.

On another note, I found the most interesting read this last week! Is a great book I really enjoyed while being sick so I decided to share it with you! New author Jenny Doe is about vampires and it has an interesting twist I just loved it! It was an easy read for my sickly self at that time but it got me hooked. I decided to share it with you because the first book in the series is free! I mean you can't get better than that right? 

I am so looking forward to the third book and Mark's story! So Please support this author I really like her work. Here is the link to the first book The Iron in Blood by Jenny Doe 

Thank you for reading, following me and writing! 



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