Sunday, February 10, 2013

Relationships with Egyptians- Part 3


One thing about Egyptians is that they are traditional with capital T, and believe it or not they are family people. Coming from the Western society were we have dysfunctional families and we pray that we are eighteen to move to our own place, some of the traditions here in Egypt came to bite me in the bottom!

If you are planning to come to Egypt to live with your Egyptian husband or wife keep in mind that Friday's is the day to go the in law's house. Usually the day is supposed to be spend with them. Back home we usually did this on Sunday's after church, but it was not weekly. More like once in a while. Here is every week. Egyptians mothers call every day so please don't feel left out or like your husband talks more to his mom more than you. I heard so many complaints about this and to be honest in every relationship things are different but we need to set the perimeters and we need to understand too.

I hate routines and for me was very hard in the beginning sometimes I just wanted to go out instead of go eat in my in laws house, I talked to my habibi and we do go every Friday and sometimes after that we go out or we take Saturdays for us. Some friends I know have a very hard time with this and I think we need to be honest with each other and decide what is best.

Like I said before in my case I am blessed with my mother in law and I love her like she was my mom and to be honest I sometimes get excited to know I don't have to cook on Friday and look forward to what she cooks. Between you and me sometimes she just makes my favorite! She has me in the palm of her hand with her food, please don't tell! But I know mothers in law who are making my friends miserable! So before you commit to anything make the rules and do me a favor meet the in laws! You have to know what you are getting into. Your husband or wife might be all in love you but his family is important too. Talk about each others expectations maybe you can have some alone time on Fridays if you don't like his family or make a short trip eat and then hang out.

Another thing that can be confusing to some women and irritating is the clothes. Yes I know here I go again but is the truth. Were I come from going out in shorts, tank top and flip flops is nothing new but here is a big no, no. Why? Religion. Egypt is a very conservative society and no one wants to see in a woman or man anything other than clothes. I got such a hard time with this at the beginning and now to be honest I don't have a problem at all... until summer! hahahha kidding. The more you fight this the difficult it would be. Here is the thing the foreigners here in Egypt already stand out as it is. Now you want to come to live in a country that is not yours and do whatever you want because there is nothing wrong with that. No one here is showing boobs or in shorts. They would stand out too much and the comments and stares from the men would be too much. Already as it is I get comments when I am walking down the street! My friends say I just don't dress as foreigner at all so imagine that!

Anyways what am trying to say is here in Egypt we don't display our assets in public this is only for your husband. For some gals this is very old fashioned so am trying to paint the picture for you so you know what you are getting into. Fact is for me I got over it because really I don't like people staring at me and I already have a husband I don't need anyone else attention. Don't think I am wearing long sleeves all the time, only in winter is too cold! But I certainly don't dress the same, I respect Egypt and their culture and religion and if I want to be happy in this country I will just close with this famous saying because it pretty much covers it; "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

Thank you for reading and following me! Until next post.

Relationships with Egyptians- Part 3


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