Monday, February 4, 2013

Relationship with Egyptians- Part 1

Since I started my blog I get emails about fans that are in relationships with Egyptians and they are so happy to find and read my blog. My reaction to this is happiness and to be honest I get scared so bad. I have no idea why but I am a worrier! I worry about people. I am a very, very suspicious person and one thing I hate is for guys to take advantage of girls. So since there is a lot of hate and misconception about Egyptians I decided to start this series.

Being in an intercultural relationship is no piece of cake. When me and Habibi met in the medical conference we were not looking for anything and we decided to just be friends and so we were. Believe me I gave him such a hard time and I was so scared when he told me to go to Egypt and try to make it work and that he was going to make sure I never regretted that decision.

You know all the suspicions I had? I was in love with him yes but some part of me was freaked out! It was a big change and I had to research so much and what I found on the Internet almost made me pass out. Women saying they were use by Egyptians and that they just wanted a Visa and the stories go on. Life can sometimes be very hard and relationships more so. Now people take advantage of others because is just fun.

So I hope that if you are in a relationship with a person and you are not sure I will give you a life changing tip. It has worked for me so many times I want you to try it. This is what I used in my relationship with Habibi. I prayed. That simple. I went to God and I told him if this is the guy, if this is where you want me to be make everything happen, open the right doors for me.

After that what happened? I started selling my stuff and it sold faster than popcorn in the movies! Even my car! Everything was easy to get rid off even my airline ticket was very cheap, Habibi was scared it was not real since it was so cheap! hahah No one can tell us what to do with our lives or who to be with. But sometimes we have to look at the signs and ask God (who some people have forgotten) to open our eyes and guide us.

It's been a year since I made this life changing decision and I have not regretted anything. One thing you need to be sure when you get in a relationship with someone that is not in your same culture, religion or country is to be able to communicate and to be able to listen first, analyze and evaluate without judging. This I know applies for any relationship but its more important in this type of relationship.

After the puppy love phase everything changes and our culture and habits come out and believe me what seems normal to you will be totally different for him. This can cause problems if we are too focused on ourselves and that's the way it is back home attitude won't get you anywhere but in trouble. So take your shoes off, get comfortable maybe get some chocolate and join me on this series about relationships.

In this series I will talk about the struggles and the most stupid things that sometimes can become big if we do not know how to handle it. Of course they will be funny, because I look at everything in a funny way and some I hope will be helpful. If you are in a relationship with an Egyptian or any other nationality and have questions feel free to email me at  and I will be happy to help!

Relationship with Egyptians- Part 1


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