Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Missing out?!

So here I am today thinking about life in Egypt and working on my book and wanting to hear some music and that's when it hit me, since getting here to Egypt there are a lot of websites that I don't have access to. You would think that the Internet is something that you can access from anywhere anytime but I am sorry to say that is not true.

The first thing that happened to me was Netflix, as any other American I was subscribed to this service I enjoy the movies and of course the series! So when I arrived in Egypt after a few days I told my habibi you want to see some movies or series? He just looked at me and said "What movies?" I told him "It depends on what they have available on the website". So I turned my computer on and when I go to Netflix: We are sorry to inform that Netflix is not available in your country or region. Say What?!

So no Netflix in Egypt and I pretty much guess Africa too. So I have no idea why they still send me email saying We want you back, (seriously that is the headline on the email I swear), when is not available in my country!!

Then one day I was cleaning and I said to myself well I could use some Pandora to mix things up a little bit. A little bit of music while cleaning you know, the sponge could use a little incentive right? So I looked it up and bam! No service in this country either! So no Netflix, no Pandora and when I tried to buy some books on Amazon some of them are not available here either!

So needless to say is very annoying and depressing I guess somethings change and to be honest I don't miss Netflix at all, Pandora somewhat and of course the Amazon thing is annoying but I will get over it eventually. So what sites will you miss if you move to another continent?

Thank you for reading and following me!

Missing out?!


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