Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bathroom tips... Very important to know!

While cleaning the bathroom yesterday my mind came up with this post and after thinking about it the more I liked the idea. There is nothing worse than going somewhere on vacation and having problems with finding a bathroom or not having any clue how they work at all. 

I wished I had someone tell me about the things I am going to tell you so I could be more... prepared for the situation. I am the kind of person that, I have no idea why, but I am  sorry to say I pee more than a pregnant woman! Is true! You can ask my family, friends and of course my habibi they will all confirm this. I remember my last trip with my best friend in Mexico, ha! that was funny and well my BF is so into taking pictures she even took one of me walking to the bathrooms just to prove a point that I have to go a lot. 

Well in my defense I drink a lot of water! Yes, am not just saying it is a fact. Anyways moving on is safe to say that in Egypt the bathrooms are not pretty and they are not nice. It depends on were you go and of course being the good person that I am, I will give you some advice. First  advice be like a kid, go to the bathroom before leaving the hotel, your house or a place that has a pretty nice bathroom. Why? Egypt is huge to say the least and traffic can happen anywhere. 

Specially if you are on a tour, the places are distant and it could take forever in traffic just to get from one place to another. Believe me is not nice to be in a two hour traffic praying to make it to a bathroom and not wanting to empty your bladder on the car. So after you've done that first tip here is the things you need to have: 

  1. Tissue or toilet paper 
  2. Wipes 
  3. Hand Sanitizer or hand soap
These three things will make your life easier I never and I repeat never leave the house without it. Some places do have all the things you need but to be honest I rather be safe than sorry if you know what I mean. It has save my life many times to be prepared. Usually there are like bathroom keepers (that's what I call them) that they clean the bathrooms and they have paper for you to use. of course we tip them, one pound is fine or two usually no more than that. 

I think this about sums it up! Of course for guys this well it depends but usually it can work too! 

Thank you for reading and following me! 

Bathroom tips... Very important to know!


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