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Bossa Nova Camp

Today I am very happy to give my readers a chance to experience Egypt in a different light. Egypt has so many secret places full of history and charm that is too much sometimes. I came across this place by a fellow American expat who is married to an Egyptian just like me. She ventured in this new Camp or hostel and they made new changes and they are running for business!

 If you enjoy camping and being in touch with nature this is your place. Just like you go to Fiji and relax you can do the same here. The view is amazing and Sinai is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt. I love Sinai! Enjoy this interview and I hope you have a chance to visit the Camp.

What is Bossa Nova Camp?
Bossa Nova Camp is a simple home away from home paradise located just north of Nuweiba. It looks out onto the Red Sea and has a magnificent backdrop of the Sinai Mountains.
Does the name mean anything in particular?
Bossa Nova means “a new trend”. We believe that visiting Sinai doesn’t require you to be surrounded with hundreds of other tourists in order to experience what Sinai truly has to offer. At Bossa Nova Camp guests can experience tent camping or experience “luxury” camping at its finest.

Can you explain the facilities and amenities of the Camp?
Bossa Nova Camp has 8 bamboo huts located directly on the beach and 14 other huts with stone flooring. There is also a 1 bedroom chalet available for those who like a more private setting.  There is a public bathroom separated into male and female for those staying in the huts to use, while the chalet has its own private bathroom. Bossa Nova Camp has 2 fully functional kitchens and offers fresh bread daily, which is cooked on site. Electricity is provided for approximately 6 hours per day or as needed by guests. Bossa Nova has two extremely large sitting areas for guests to enjoy conversing with others. One is located directly on the beach the other is located closer to the kitchen area. Both are furnished in traditional Bedouin style. The coral reefs that are located off of the Bossa Nova Camp beach are some of the best Nuweiba has to offer.  The multitude of colorful fish and other aquatic organisms is a must see! Other items located on site includes but not limited to: a boat for use, snorkeling gear, children’s toys, a volleyball, badminton, and a library composed of a collection of books passed between travelers.

Are there any special offers at the moment?

Yes! During your birthday month we offer an additional 10% off your stay with us. We are creating discount packages to include trips to St. Catherine, the Blue Hole and many more.

Can you provide some history of the Camp? How did it start and why?

While vacationing in Nuweiba as a family several years ago we found this camp and stayed several nights in it. We loved the location and the coral reefs. Last year, when we traveled back to Nuweiba we learned that the camp had been closed down. We contacted the previous owners and decided that we wanted to venture out and open the camp again, this time with more of a foreigner’s touch. We have been working hard giving the camp a complete make-over and now have it open and ready for guests to experience what Nuweiba and Sinai have to offer.

What can people expect at Bossa Nova?
Here at Bossa Nova you can expect to feel like you are at home from the minute that you enter the camp. The view from the entrance gate is non-other than the best and then you drive past several of the bamboo huts before parking and entering the Bedouin style main hut.  More than likely, you will have already been greeted by our dogs that “protect” the camp by sunbathing most of the day.  Once you enter the main hut, with its gorgeous sea view, you will be greeted by someone who works here and offered a welcome tea.  At Bossa Nova we believe that you should feel like you’ve been here before and comfortable. There are 6 different sitting areas in the main hut, 2 extra-large sitting areas directly on the beach and several other secret spots around the camp.  Guests can request their breakfast and dinner at specific times, resulting in the personalized service everyone expects while on vacation. For guests that want to explore, a simply request will have almost all wishes granted. Guests will find staying here at Bossa Nova an exceptionally easy, relaxing and enjoyable time. The hardest part will be leaving the camp and returning to their everyday life.

What activities can you do?

Some of the best coral reefs in Nuweiba are found off of Bossa Nova’s shore. It is home to a variety of different species of fish as well as the black sea urchin (water shoes are recommended). Behind Bossa Nova is a mountain that consists of a medium difficultly climb. It is a great way to start the day and watch the sunrise over Saudi Arabia. Other activities can be arranged such as, but not limited to:  camel rides, horseback riding, 4-wheeling safari tours, trips to the Blue Hole, St. Catherine, Pharaoh’s Island, Castel Zaman, and many more.

What is so special about the location?

Bossa Nova isn’t just a business; it’s a home for those who work here. It is well taken care of and Bossa Nova goes over and beyond what guests expect when coming to and Eco lodge camp. Bossa Nova is special because this camp is located close to all the major attractions that Sinai has to offer but away from the “typical” tourist hype and congestion.

If you are the one managing the camp, how is it to have a business in a foreign country?

As an American helping to manage this camp it is an amazing and completely rewarding experience! I personally work with the local Bedouin to ensure that trips and experiences that my guests have are both authentic and memorable.  Running a business here in Nuweiba has been a major adjustment from city life. People and things run at their own pace and timetable.  Learning how to relax and really take things in stride has been the biggest adjustment for me.

How do you like living in Egypt so far?
I love being in Nuweiba because it has everything anyone could want to experience in the outdoor setting. During the winter months, if I am missing the cold, I spend the night on the beach and then complete an early morning hike up St. Catherine to experience snow. During the fall and spring time, I go sand surfing at some of the local soft white sand desert areas! Finally, during the summer months (when it is the hottest) I relax under the shade of the palm trees reading a book and taking my swims checking out the coral reefs at the camp. I couldn’t think of a better life than one here.

Things you miss from home.

I really miss my friends and family. As an American, not too many of my friends will venture out to Egypt (even before the revolution). I do have several European friends that have stayed here at the camp and experienced what Sinai has to offer. I just wish more Americans would do the same. The world is a fairly safe place (and often much safer than the US itself). I wish more people would just come and experience it!

Is there any other information you would like to share?
There are several ways to receive discounts at Bossa Nova:
At Bossa Nova we understand that word of mouth is the best feedback we can receive from a guest. We have a referral program which gives the person that refers people to us a discount during their next stay. The discount increases as the number of referrals increase. 
We also offer 10% discount if you stay during your birthday month. It is just another little token of appreciation that you thought we were special enough to spend your birthday with.

For guests that want to stay with us long-term we have special rates for you. The longer you stay the more discounts you receive. 

Twitter: @BossaNovaSinai
Webpage: Coming Soon
Mohanned at (+2) 01221255508 or (+2) 01006777739  (He speaks English and Arabic)


Thank you for reading and following me until the next post! 

Bossa Nova Camp


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