Monday, June 17, 2013

The Job struggle

Recently I have a hard time figuring out what is a normal day. I have not been working for two months now and honestly time has gone by too quick! I mean I have went to interviews and everything but still things are not as I want them to be.  It's been like two years of constant change in my life.

I started with the journey of losing weight and then after that the falling in love again after a very messed up relationship, moving out of my apartment, selling my car, selling everything I owned and moving to another continent! Not much right? Don't get me wrong I am super happy about all these changes but suddenly I am met with the struggle of What do I really want?!

Before moving here I was working as an office administrator in a marketing agency for five years so before coming my Habibi told me that I could not do the same work here which was fine with me honestly I learned a lot from that job and it did not fulfilled  me at all. The part I love about my job was the challenge of marketing campaigns and the new clients and stuff but being in the management part I was working more with payroll, HR and Accounting! BORING!!!!

I am too creative for that shit!  Anyway I started on a new career path... Teaching English.... Yeah worlds apart! Now is a great job honestly and you have to be so dedicated to do it that I am impressed and I found new appreciation for teachers everywhere. Is hard work and well here in Egypt is a total mess. The schools are not worried about Education at all they just want money from the students and no matter what you have to pass the students because if you don't they will take the student away and they lose the money.

So its been a challenge to find something that I truly enjoy. My days are fill with basically me finding my right place in the world. I pray every day for guidance because definitely with out God I would not be who I am and where I am today. In all my frustration with this job  situation I have somehow found peace. I know that I will find my true place and that God will guide me in the right direction.

Everything that I do in my life I take it as a learning experience. The more you are exposed to things the more you learn. So I am enjoying the time with God and focusing on learning more from him. Talking to my family, reading, cooking for habibi and my cats. Looking for jobs and decided to learn a new language by the end of summer.

I guess there are a lot of people in jobs they hate. Knowing that they need the money to support their family and to put up with bad bosses and circumstances all because they needed it in a bad way. For those of you do not despair I was in your shoes and I seen a lot  but God will bring new things and blessings for you. As I pray for my new path I will also pray for those in situations like this I wish that God will help you find your true passion and a better job.

I am feeling confident in my future and I know something great will come out of it. I love blogging also so that is a plus! I have ideas in my head that are coming together too so is about timing! Anyways I leave you with my thoughts I have a few ramblings about past interviews that I know will make a great post! You won't believe the things that happen to me! LOL Anyways until next post!

Are you happy with your job?

Thank you for reading and following me. 

The Job struggle


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