Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sharm Sheik: Resort Critique

All of you know of my recent vacation in Sharm Sheik, while there I stayed in a supposedly five star hotel! The name of the place is Shores Amphora and honestly it has some good things and some bad ones too. First off this is a resort and is huge! The entrance of the hotel is not that majestic or impressing but believe me when I tell you the grounds of the place are amazing.

It has five or six pools of which I only saw two, and of course it has a beach. The most incredible thing is that we have a Coral reef just in the beach is one of Sharm favorite diving spots and honestly is beautiful! You just go to the beach and at the end of the pier boom! Is like more than 60 feet deep and the most amazing reefs and corals are there to your display. 

A part from those things everything else sucks! The food is bad! I mean they made a lasagna one of the nights and it was so bad and tasted nothing like lasagna! The staff is so used to having Russians as guest that most of them are not that good in English! The cleaning of our room was not good. When we first arrived at the room there was a mosquito dead on the mirror and another one on a wall. After they came to clean still there! You are only aloud to have one towel a day for the beach and pool. 

Only good thing was the food on the bar, pizza and french fries :D So the place is good but the service and food are just plain horrible me and habibi got food poisoning. Thank God we brought medicine with us and it helps that my habibi is a doctor otherwise our vacation would have been ruined completely! 

Is not nice to wake up with nausea and with diarrhea or pain in your stomach because the food was bad! We survive it because we went and bought chips and well basically ate safe stuff like bread and grill meat. Anyways I would not be staying there again! Oh, and let's not forget! Do not wear formal clothes in this place EVER! We were going to dinner and we saw this Italian couple going and he was so formal! Wearing a suit and she had such a nice dress but honestly the place was not up to their attire. Guess they thought it  was five starts too!   Here are some pictures of the place so you see how it is. 

Any wacky things happen to you on vacation? 

Thank you for reading and following me! 

Sharm Sheik: Resort Critique


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