Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sharm El Sheik

Well as you know I went on a road trip to Sharm El Sheik. Sharm El Sheik  is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai GovernorateEgypt, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. I was so excited to finally be able to go to the beach! Another thing that had me excited was that Sharm is a touristic place so I could wear anything I wanted! You have no idea how liberating the experience was!

I packed my shorts, bathing suit, flip flops, hat, sleeveless shirts and short dresses and got in the car with so much enthusiasm that it did not diminish in the long car ride. Of course Habibi was just smiling and amused by my attitude but I know deep inside he was happy to see me like that. Anyways moving on! When you enter Sharm you see this beautiful Red Sea and you see blue clear water. Is so beautiful and breathtaking.

I lived all my life on an island so I am practically a fish like habibi likes to call me. So the sight of the water and the smell of the salt was so amazing.We checked in the hotel went to the usual where is this let's have some lunch and finally let's go to the beach!!!

Things to do in Sharm are very simple people. You go to the beach, enjoy good food and of course great diving and snorkeling sites. That is all no ancient pharaoh's tomb or anything like that. Just plain and relaxing fun.  Sharm has become one of the favorite spots for divers around the world due to its beautiful reefs and believe me I can attest that myself! Red sea scenery is just out of this world.

The town is a touristic one so expect to pay a lot of money for simple things that's the way it is everywhere when you are on vacation! The town is small but it has such a good calm feeling and everything you need you will find close to the hotels. One very famous spot is Naama Bay be sure to stop there if you are visiting Sharm. Here are some pictures of the town and if you love snorkeling please gear up and be ready to enjoy beautiful colors and majestic corals!

 Thank you for reading and following me! Until next post!

Sharm El Sheik


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  1. Hello :-)

    Thank you so much for this post:) I'm glad that I can read information about Sharm on your blog. Next week I will go there myself for holidays and I hope I can try Zalabia (which I want to do at home tomorrow - keep you fingers crossed ;) ). I'm waiting for your next post. I hope I can read it after my holidays :-)

    Have a good day and greetings from Poland

  2. Oh, Wow! What a surprise that's amazing! I hope you enjoy yourself! Let me know how the Zalabia turned out.


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