Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Road Trip!!

Hey Everyone! It's been a while and I was battling the worst case of writer's block in the history of the world! Little dramatic? Maybe, but it felt like it. Anyhow I am so excited to let you know on my latest adventure here in Egypt. This past week my Habibi took me on a road trip from Cairo to Sharm El Sheik!

The drive was six hours! Never in my life I have been in a car for that long! I can go around Puerto Rico at least three times in that amount of time! Needless to say the experience was wonderful and the road was beautiful and a little scary too. I will explain the wonderful things we found on the way and of course on another post I will explain about Sharm and what to do when you are there.

First off lets start by saying that we took the Suez Road that means we went under the tunnel Ahmed Hamdi also known as the Suez Tunnel. On top of the tunnel runs the Suez Canal which connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea and allows for navigation from Europe to Asia without navigation around Africa. So while we were underneath there was the possibility of having a big ship on top of us!

Here is a picture of the entrance of the tunnel.

After this tunnel we enter Sinai! There are checkpoints everywhere so if you are going to travel on this road please have all documents with you. Proper identification, proper documents for the car and all things in order. Also if you want to make this trip keep in mind that you need a good car to make the long trip. A full tank and food with you. Unlike the US and PR there are no places to stop and the ones that are available are not that good. Use the bathroom before leaving!! Hahhaha Believe me the road is empty for miles! Anyway after this we get the trip on the way and I discover that not only Arizona has great rock formations! In Sinai starts the history of a lot of things including the time of Moses. Here you will find a lot of things related to the bible. First of this Mountains are called the Arabia Petraea also called and known as Arabia. This mountains extend themselves from Egypt to Israel, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. A lot of theories and places you can visit to see where Moses cross from Egypt to the land of Milian and other interesting stuff. 

The Mountains are beautiful and to be honest they are to my mind incomprehensible. They are in the middle of a dessert and on the other side of the road you have the Red Sea. I believe I am living in History itself! The views are amazing and this Road is full of simply nature. That's why I said to be careful because literally there is nothing on the road but the mountains and the sea for a while. Here are some pictures of the road. 

After this amazing view and of course as you see there is nothing for miles you can come across some small towns but they are not fully develop. There are some gas stations but they are not close at all. After all this we finally made it to Sharm El Sheik! 

It's like 2 miles up ahead that you will find the gate to one of the most famous touristic cities in Egypt. Diving and snorkeling are the order of the day! I leave you with some pictures of what you get after the entrance.

I hope that you take this road, if you can. Is full of history and believe me is  worth it! Get music ready and prepare yourself to enjoy the wonders and the different faces of Egypt a beautiful country full of history!

Thank you for reading and following me! See you on the next post! 

Road Trip!!


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