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Well most of you probably don't know but in the Islam world is the month of Ramadan. I didn't know any of these until of course I came to Egypt and my habibi told me all about it. I am going to do my best to explain to you what is all about because is a very interesting month and for me is a mix of different holidays we celebrate as Christians.

Ramadan this year is from July twenty to August twenty. Ramadan is a month of spirituality, giving and family. Every Muslim fasts for the whole month from  dawn to sunset they abstain themselves from drinking water and eating. In this month they read the Quran and pray for those who are poor and have no food.

Traditionally they decorate the houses with lights and lanterns. Is for me a mix between the Holy Week and Christmas!! Is very festive and well there is a lot of food. Basically if you are fasting you wake up before dawn to eat your last meal this is called Sohour. Here you eat and drink water until dawn. After that they don't eat or drink anything until Iftar which is the time for eating.

If you are on the streets at the time of Iftar you will find people giving food and juice, Muslims believe that if they are the ones to give you the first food or drink when you are done fasting they will be blessed so basically they compete for the blessing by stopping cars and forcing food on you! LOL

This time is a time for giving and Egypt throws down the best at this time by giving to people who really need food or money. You can buy what they call a Ramadan bag or box which contains the following: Pasta, rice, oil, sugar, tomato sauce, tea, dates and many countless things. They give these to people who are in need.

Also you can see they make big places with tables and there you can go and eat for free. I am not talking about eating a sandwich no, no this people make real food and very delicious one and they don't care who you are once you are there they serve you food.

Is a month for giving and for being generous as well as to make peace with God. If you want to enjoy a good trip to Egypt and enjoy the great food and desserts as well as this generous atmosphere join us in Ramadan I am sure you will love it!

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