Friday, August 3, 2012

Dream Park!!

Well its been a while again! But here I am happy to share with you an amazing experience for those of you who love amusement parks! Obviously is not the same caliber as Disney but to be honest is pretty close.

Dream Park is located in 6th of October City in Cairo when you go by you will pass the Pyramids which makes for an expectacular view! Needles to say for us it was a long trip but it was so worth it! The park is big and has an area for small children and of course the family rides and the ones me and my habibi like the wild ones!

It has a lot of restaurants and the theme is almost like a fun village there a lot of shops for food and toys too. The joy of it there were no lines! It was almost empty you could just go on anything you liked. We tried everything and to be honest the only one that got me a little fuzzy was the Tornado is a two ride seat and it goes up very very high! Other than that I was good so was my habibi.

Dream Park was designed by the designers of Universal Studios and Mall of America so all in all is a very safe and well made amusement park. If you like amusement parks you should definitely spend some time in Dream Park is very nice, clean and it rocks!

If you are interested you can visit their page Dream Park  you can see some pictures and the prices for the park. Unfortunately I didn't take too much pictures my phone was  in my pocket and I was... well in the rides! :P  I share the ones in their Facebook Page!

They had a part were you could see animals and well guess what?! They were camels!!! Yyou can get on them if you want!

Thank you for reading me and following me!

Dream Park!!


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