Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow in Egypt... What?

I am surprise that I have to say this,  is absolutely freezing in Egypt!! If you do not believe me last Friday it snowed!!! Yes, you heard me right it snowed in Egypt after more than 100 years. It was that cold. Good thing my habibi came home on Thursday night with a heater! My reaction? I jumped up and down hugging him and saying  thank you more than once. Needles to say people in Egypt are buying heaters like crazy.

I re-tweeted some pictures in my Twitter account so you can go check it out if you are interested. One of the pictures was of a Camel sitting in the snow! I wanted to share this with you. I got this Via @belharesya from Twitter.

He looks kind of relax considering the weather and all. I am happy to say that I already put my Christmas tree!! This year I went with red and silver decorations. Unfortunately the snow mans are suffering from depression thanks to Tuktuk and Halawa. Every day I find a murder scene on the tree! The cats just hide because they know I hate it when they mess with my tree.

 Anyways, among other things I decided to enter a writing contest for expat bloggers. The post I wrote is about the top five things I love about Egypt. I hope that if you enjoy my blog and like what I write, you could spare some time and read my participating post and vote for me. Is very simple and easy. Go to the link below and read the post, at the bottom you will find the instructions on voting.
Top 5 Things I Love About Egypt

Thank you so much for your support I am working on changing a few things on the blog and adding a lot of more content that will be to your liking. Wish me luck!

Snow in Egypt... What?


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